Let the Madness Begin

Every year when March approaches, you know a couple things. Warm weather is right around the corner, and college basketball kicks into full gear with March Madness. Some say March Madness is the greatest tournament/game/playoff system in all of sports. I’d say besides maybe the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl, that may be true.

March Madness is so great that it makes college football’s bowl system look like an absolute joke.... probably because the bowl system is an absolute joke. College basketball actually decides the champion on the court in the greatest tournament you can possibly have. When you put 65 teams into a bracket style tournament, madness is sure to ensue.

This year’s tournament seems to be fairly top heavy, but is also very wide open. All the #1 seeds this year have been in the top 10 all season, with Pittsburgh, UConn, and UNC barely leaving the top 5 all season. Other teams such as #2 seeds Oklahoma, Duke, and Michigan State have been in the top 10 pretty much all year also. After these top teams, the rest of the field is wide open. And even the top teams have lost games to some other these other teams comprising the “rest of the field.” This really is anyone’s tournament, and should make some great basketball. The conference tournaments were crazy, we have already seen a lot of upsets, and multi-overtime games. If this continues, we are in for some great games come this March Madness.

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