Frank Fitzpatrick Gets Owned

The Philadelphia Inquirer's own Frank Fitzpatrick wrote an article about the Brian Dawkins situation in today's edition of the paper. To be honest, I didn't even know who Frank Fitzpatrick was until today, and since this article takes the time to take "sarcastic" jabs at Philadelphia fans, we figured we would respond to Frank in kind. See Frank's entire article here. Here is a portion of it--

"The sky is falling! The sky is falling!
How could the Eagles let Brian Dawkins walk?
Where are they going to find another 35-year-old safety with fading skills?
Who is going to fist-bump and chest-thump after such rare and monumental events as a first-quarter tackle?
And now, when their starters are introduced before home games, who's going to come bounding out of the smoke like a kangaroo on crack?
Why couldn't they have listened to us fans?
I mean, why do we even bother to dress in team jerseys and get drunk every Sunday if we're just going to be ignored? Wonder how they'd like it if we didn't renew our season tickets? Bet you that franchise wouldn't survive long if they had to fill the stadium with high-school graduates.
Doesn't Andy Reid know that we're the real football experts? How many times has he called a talk radio station? How many fantasy leagues is he in? What are his blogging credentials?"

Really? Fitzpatrick rips the fans as if we don't know anything. Who does this guy think he is? Our very own, Dr. G took the time to e-mail Fitzpatrick, and the response is included below--

Re: your column "The Squawk over Dawk," I'm aware that your MO is to offer up what you take to be clever, sardonic parodies. In fact, they are nothing more than nasty, sarcastic hatchet-jobs caricaturing passionate Philly sports fans and, in this case, a truly inspirational player. Your depiction of this future Hall-of-Famer as a has-been showboater couldn't be farther from the truth, and is just plain ugly and mean-spirited in its level of disrespect and incivility. But perhaps I'm being a bit harsh in my judgment: after all, you out of all the Inky sports writers would know first hand what it's like to be an aging has-been with "fading skills..."

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