Lost "Namaste" Recap/Theories

Recap of Namaste:

Too much talking about things that don’t matter and lame attempts to try to give the viewers an "oh snap!" moment, but falling well below LOST standards. Who cares about the baby being Ethan? Ok, so it was Ethan, big deal. Jack sucked like he always does. Great to see LaFleur own him. We have all been waiting a while for that to happen. It will be interesting with what they will do with Sayid’s storyline. Next episode it looks like he is freaking out. Is he acting as a hostile? Is he trying to kill young Ben?

Radzinsky’s character sucked, but developing the Swan station was good to see. We hope that the writers show more of the original idea of the Swan and how it came to be. Young Ben at the end was one of the only cool parts of the episode, and it took almost an hour to get to it. Second highlight was Hurley commenting on Jin’s English.

In the present time, Sun knocking out Ben, explaining how he was in the make shift hospital last episode and her and Lapidus showing up in the Barracks. At the Barracks, they meet Christian Sheppard and find out the 4 missing people on Flight 316 are in 1977. They will have to explain why Sun was the only alive 815’er on 316 not to flashback to 1977. That does not seem to make sense, but what in Lost does? They should have a good explanation to it shortly (hopefully!)

It seems to me that after lying to viewers (saying that Lost would run straight with no reruns or weeks off), they better come back with a knockout episode. This was nowhere near that.


The only interesting thing about learning that Ethan was the baby, is how does he end up rebelling against his parents/Dharma and going with the hostiles? Does he participate in the purge? Does Ben save him?

The reason Sun did not “flash” to 1977, was because she was already on the island in 1977. We know Ben is on the island in 1977, and I'm not sure where Lapidus falls in to this, but that would make sense on why those 3 did not “flash.” Maybe the baby we saw Pierre Chang take care of in Episode 1 of Season 5, was Sun and not Miles as we originally assumed.

Since Horace's son is Ethan, and Sun's father is possibly Chang, maybe hostiles like Widmore somehow kidnapped Sun and Ethan when they were kids. Widmore has done a large amount of business with Mr. Paik, possibly this relationship began or flourished with Widmore giving Sun to Paik?

When Lapidus and Sun get back to the main island, the barracks are a mess. After the purge, the barracks were taken over by the hostiles. Not until Keamy started blowing up stuff at the Barracks while looking for Ben, were those living quarters not occupied. That was at most 3 years ago. Looking at them, it did not look like a former warzone from 3 years ago. It seemed to have been empty for decades. Has something been done in the past to change the future?

Faraday is no longer on the island; if he were dead Sawyer would have said he was dead when Jack asked. So Faraday left the island sometime in between 74-77. That Faraday goes and does research on time travel at Oxford, has a nervous breakdown after he destroys Theresa’s life. He then moves to America and watches flight 815 goes down again. This explains why he starts crying. He knows that the future cannot be changed, so he again gets recruited for the freighter and lives it completely over again. He is in Groundhog’s Day the lost edition


Anonymous said...

dont u think sun didnt flash because she was supposed to die? i mean, if she hasnt been rescued, she would have had the baby in the island and died...
Another question keeps bothering me... why the hell the oceanic 6 had to go back? to save the left behinders? not really, because locke saved them when he fixed the wheel; so why they were supposed to go back? and why did they want to go back?
Anyway, great review, as usual

Hannah said...

wonderfully silly LOST video review:

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