March Madness Bracket (3/12/09)

Not much new in the bracket today. Robert Morris and Portland State both were two points winners, and locked up automatic bids, and Providence played themselves back to being close to being in the tournament by beating DePaul. A little shuffling around for today's bracket, there should be many more changes coming as the major conferences get into the bulk of their conference tourneys.

#1: Pittsburgh, UNC, UConn, Oklahoma
#2: Louisville, Memphis, Michigan State, Kansas
#3: Duke, Wake Forest, Villanova, Washington
#4: Gonzaga, UCLA, Missouri, Clemson
#5: Xavier, Purdue, Florida State, Illinois
#6: LSU, Arizona State, Marquette, Syracuse
#7: Butler, West Virginia, California, Utah
#8: Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma State, BYU
#9: Siena, Wisconsin, Boston College, Dayton
#10- Wisconsin, South Carolina, Ohio State, Texas A&M
#11- New Mexico, VCU, Michigan, Arizona
#12- Creighton, Utah State, Western Kentucky, UNLV
#13- North Dakota State, Cleveland State, Northern Iowa, East Tennessee State
#14- American, Binghamton, Morgan State, Robert Morris
#15- Cornell, Bowling Green, Portland State, Radford
#16- Morehead State, Stephen F. Austin, Alabama State
Play-in-Game: Cal State Northridge, Chattanooga

Last 4 In: Creghton, UNLV, New Mexico, Michigan
Last 4 Out: Penn State, Florida, Saint Marys, San Diego State

Conference Breakdown (Multiple Bids)
Big East (7) – Pittsburgh (1), UConn (1), Louisville (2), Villanova (3), Syracuse (6), Marquette (6), West Virginia (7)
ACC (6) – UNC (1), Duke (3), Wake Forest (3), Clemson (4), Florida State (5), Boston College (9)
Big 12 (6) – Oklahoma (1), Kansas (2), Missouri (4), Texas (8), Oklahoma State (8), Texas A&M (10)
Big Ten (6) – Michigan State (2), Purdue (5), Illinois (5), Wisconsin (9), Ohio State (10), Michigan (11)
Pac-10 (5) – Washington (3), UCLA (4), Arizona State (6), California (7), Arizona (11)
Mountain West (4) – Utah (7), BYU (8), New Mexico (11), UNLV (12)
SEC (3) – LSU (6), Tennessee (8), South Carolina (10)
Atlantic 10 (2) – Xavier (5), Dayton (9)
Horizon (2) – Butler (7), Cleveland State (13)
Missouri Valley (2) – Creighton (12), Northern Iowa (13)


Jay Ballz said...

Pitt all the way....

Anonymous said...

I love how Clemson, who lost in the first round of the ACC tournament, lost twice to FSU, and finshed below FSU in the ACC is seeded above FSU!!!

Hilarious! Do you actually watch any games?

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