Hollywood's Squares

It’s been awhile, folks. I gave you 6 winners and 6 losers, and decided I wasn’t going to allow you to risk your money on my picks until I was feeling it again. Well, now I am. March in NCAA is always $$$$$$ so expect to make some big money in tourney games. For tonight:

Play 1: 3 team, 7 point teaser (if you don’t know what that is, you shouldn’t be gambling, however, a teaser is when you take a certain amount of points off the spread of multiple games, however to be a winner, every game must be a winner)

Hornets –1, Seton Hall +13.5, Washington State –2

Play 2: Golden State –2.5….play of the day by far….bet 4 x whatever you bet regularly on this one.

Play 3: Atlanta Hawks –2

Play 4: Bulls +8….People love the Magic but they just aren’t the same without Jameer and the Bulls are making a playoff push. They have so much talent on that roster, and they can be dangerous. It took a miracle shot by D-Wade to beat them two nights ago, and I expect the same kind of effort vs Orlando.

Play 5: Puerto Rico –2.5 in World Baseball Classic

Yeah yeah, the Netherlands are the story of the season. While I won’t discredit what they did to the Dominican, it did take 10 innings for them to score, and a throwing error to get them their second run. This team will come back down to reality tonight, as they have practically no offense. Puerto Rico has lots of major league players, and should take care of Netherlands very easily.

If 1 unit is whatever amount you play your normal bet, all plays are for 1 unit, with Golden State being for 4 units and PR being for 3.

Lets make it rain ladies and gents.


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