March Madness Preview

March Madness kicks off in a little over an hour, and these next few days and weeks ahead should be exciting. These next two days mark the two most unproductive work days of the year, and everyone is watching games on the Internet, or checking scores, or just flat out not working.

There are always first round upsets, it is just a matter of picking the right ones, and hoping your teams are able to advance. It's never good when one of your final four teams is coming down the the wire against a 14 seed in the first round. No #1 seed has ever lost in the first round to a #16 seed, but there have been some close calls, and it has to eventually happen at some point.

Looking at the regions, I feel like the West region with UConn as the #1 seed is the hardest region. There are a lot of teams that are capable of coming out of the West. The West has some very strong teams who all play extremely well when they are playing at their best, but are inconsistent. Memphis, Missouri, Washington, and Purdue can all come out of this region, along with UConn.

I see the South as the easiest region, with UNC as the #1 seed in that region. Gonzaga, and Illinois are fairly weak matchups in the Sweet 16 for UNC, that is if either of them even make it there. Oklahoma has been playing poorly as of late, and might not even be able to make it to the elite 8 to face UNC. UNC probably has the easiest road to get to the final four.

In the Midwest, with Louisville as the #1 overall seed, there is some competition in this bracket. Although Izzo and Michigan State always seem to do pretty well in the tournament, Michigan State is fairly weak as a #2 seed. Kansas, West Virginia, and Wake Forest are all capable of going deep in this tourney.

In the East, with Pitt as the #1 seed, they will have to beat some good teams to get to the Final Four. Pitt has the toughest potential 2nd round matchup in Tennessee or Oklahoma State, both of whom can play at a very high level. Florida State would also be a tough match in the Sweet 16, along with either Villanova or Duke in the Elite 8.

All in all, it should be a great tournament. Kotite's Corner is endorsing the Pittsburgh Panthers are the 2009 College Basketball Champions. With Sam Young, Levance Fields, and DeJuan Blair, the Panthers have 3 of the best players in the nation at their position at the SF, PG, and C position, and if the officiating lets teams play, Pitt will win this tournament.


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