Eagles Name Starting Free Safety

Qunitin Demps less than a week ago that the Eagles need to get it over with and name their starting free safety. Well they did, and it's rookie 5th round draft pick Macho Harris. About a week ago, no one even really knew that Harris was in line for the starting free safety job. Harris was being mixed in at safety, but also was playing cornerback. Harris obviously has some big shoes to fill as this has been the spot held down by Brian Dawkins for the past decade. Guys like Harris, and Omar Gaither will need to step up their game a lot this season to make up for the absences of Dawkins and Stewart Bradley.

Demps also will not be the main kick returner this year, as that job looks like it will belong to Ellis Hobbs. Hobbs was the kick returner last season with the Patriots and was one of the best in the league.

Also, since the Eagles made their final cuts, I still feel like a move needs to be made at wide receiver, as the Eagles kept 7. Reggie Brown seems likely to not be on the team by the start of the season, as he doesn't have much of a role on this team anymore. The Eagles need to activate Vick so he gets to practice with the team, which will also require getting rid of a player. I really want the Eagles to sign Alex Smith, the tight end who was just released by the Patriots. Smith is a good sized tight end, who is above average at both blocking and catching the ball. The latest news on Smith is that the Giants brought him in for a workout. The Eagles only kept 2 tight ends in Brent Celek, and Tony Curtis, so I anticipate something will need to be done there also.


C-Money said...
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C-Money said...

How come I don't think this is the right move for the Eagles. I haven't heard a single thing about this 5th round draft pick from who knows where. My feeling is that he is a guy that McDermott likes and he probably performs well in practice.

Throughout the pre-season I haven't heard his name called once. I actually only knew about him from reading Kotite's Corner.

Hopefully the Eagles know something that I don't.... Which usually isn't the case.

T-Bone said...

Ok, Mr. Green, you got your wish: Alex Smith is now an Eagle. Good move, as he certainly brings something to the O-Line in addition to his receiving skills.

Regarding Mr. Money, I will refrain from commenting on whether the Eagles, or anybody for that matter, knows something that he doesn't. Think I'd take the over on that one...However, I tend to share his less-than-enthusiastic reaction to Harris. Not that Demps is necessarily a prize either, but he is at least a known quantity and isn't a Jason Peters-level bum. Demps undoubtedly hurt his own cause by mouthing off about his disappointment that he wasn't automatically anointed to starting free safety. Pretty stupid move to publicly state that he would have worked harder in camp if he had thought he was competing for the spot. Now, maybe Harris will work out after all, but as Mr. Money points out, he's basically an unknown 5th round pick in regard to whom there has been absolutely no excitement, hype, or even much interest in his play. Would be hard for anyone to fill Dawk's shoes, but a raw, unheralded rookie with an underwhelming background? Guess time will tell. In addition, I have to say that I take strong exception to his nickname, "Macho" Harris. There is, and will always be, only one individual worthy of that moniker: one of the all-time great superstars, the one and only Macho Man Randy Savage. Oh, yeah!!!

Dr. G said...

Completely agree with T-Bone that Randy Savage is the only true Macho Man. And loved those Slim Jims...OH YEAH!!

Concerning Alex Smith, that's clearly a good acquisition, but in cutting Curtis and with Ingram out, that again leaves them with only 2 TEs. Not sure I get the reasoning there.

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