Shawn Andrews Placed on IR

Shawn Andrews was placed on IR today, in order to make room on the roster for the Vick signing. Andrews has basically spent more time on the Injured Reserve than he has playing for the Eagles. It is a shame, because if Andrews is really seriously injured, you never want to see a guy who has chronic pain, especially back pain. It is also a shame that the Eagles spent a first round draft pick on Andrews, and when he is on the field, he is a beast, and the Eagles are definitely not as good a team when Andrews is not on the field.

As much as I hope that Andrews gets better for himself, I am personally sick and tired of his act, as he just flat out seems like he does not care about playing football. Andrews was injured at the beginning of training camp, but then seemed to all of a sudden get healthy and start practicing towards the end of it, and now he is on IR. Andrews act was getting tired last year, was real tired this year, and next year will be a joke if this act goes on again during the preseason. I first said we have to just cut ties with him, but its hard to when he is such a beast on the field.

Unfortunately, I think the Eagles really planned on Andrews playing and being healthy coming into this season. They are left with Winston Justice at right tackle right now, and no one else. I still don't think they should nor will sign Jon Runyan, but they should at least explore that opportunity right now. However, if they feel confident going forward with Justice at right tackle, I would not want Runyan to be brought in. I also think the Eagles should explore moving Stacy Andrews back out to right tackle, which is what he played at Cincinnati. Stacy Andrews has been a solid tackle before, and the Eagles do have some options at guard in Cole, Jean-Gilles, and McGlynn. Again, not sure they should do this, but they should explore it I believe. But for right now, Justice is the long term starter at right tackle it looks like.

In other news today, the Eagles activated Michael Vick from the exemption list, and thus had to cut a player. They cut Hank Baskett. I do not really like this move, and feel like they should have cut Reggie Brown. I actually am a Baskett fan, and thought he deserved to be on the roster this season. He blocks real well for a wide receiver, and at least can catch 1 or 2 passes a game, and both of those things are a lot more than Reggie Brown can do. Even though the Eagles don't throw the fade really, that option is there with Baskett. Again, this is more than Reggie Brown brings to the table, so it doesn't make much sense to me, but I guess isn't a big deal in the long run. Hopefully this move will let Brandon Gibson let on the field.


Joel said...

You'd have a hard time catching one or two passes a game if this happened to you in college...

C-Money said...

HAHA.. That's a great video, that safety completely ear-holes Brown. Maybe he does think about that every time he crosses the middle. It's just too bad the Eagles management didn't see that video, and wasted a second round pick on him.

Dr. G said...

Shawn Andrews should be done as both an Eagle and NFLer. It's impossible to know what his actual physical status is, and I suspect no one really knows -- maybe including Andrews himself. With a documented history of serious mental health issues -- and erratic behaviors to prove it -- it's almost impossible to determine the extent to which psychological factors vs physical problems are contributing to his condition. Reports indicate that the latest MRI showed "irregularities." Well, this is about as vague as one can get. "Irregularities" by themselves are not necessarily uncommon, and are not necessarily asociated with functional impairment or even pain. It depends on the specific nature of the "irregularities." In this regard, it was reported on WIP (yes, I know, not exactly the pinnacle of journalistic accuracy) that team physicians have denied that the MRI results are connected to any loss of function. According to that report, there's essentially nothing physically wrong with his back that would prevent him from playing, or that should induce any significant degree of pain. The same report suggested that Reid's primary motive for moving Andrews to IR wasn't really concern for his back, but his unwillingnesss to tolerate the Big Kid's act any longer. In this version, Andrews is just plain toast with the Eagles organization, and will basically be regarded as a non-person until they can unload his contract.
What to believe about all this? At this point, no way to know for sure. All that can be said with certainty is that the story -- whichever version one chooses -- does not have a happy ending.