Pitt Starts Season Off With Win

The Pitt Panthers won the first game of the season 38-3 over Division 1-AA opponent Youngstown State. It was a good win for the Panthers, even though it was against a clearly inferior opponent. The Panthers may have found their next start in true freshman Dion Lewis, who ran for 129 yards and 2 TD's, and also had a receiving touchdown. Lewis had over 100 rushing yards in the first half alone. Jonathan Baldwin led all Pitt receivers with 70 receiving yards.

The quarterback situation, which seems to be one of the few weak spots on this Pitt team was alright. Bill Stull was boo'ed heavily in the first half, and ended the game 11 for 16 for 123 yards, 2 TD's and 1 INT. Backup Tino Sunseri, who is a redshirt freshman also saw time and went 5 for 8 for 80 yards and 1 TD. If Stull struggles at all, look for Sunseri to play a lot this season, as it looks like Pat Bostick will be redshirted.

On defense, Pitt played well, and picked off 2 passes, and had 6 sacks. New starting middle linebacker Adam Gunn had 8 tackles and 2 sacks for the Panthers. Pitt faces a much tougher game next weekend when to go to Buffalo, who has one of the best young coaches in the nation, and also played Pitt tough last year in Pittsburgh.

Other thoughts from the opening weekend of college football--

The Big East has some good receivers - Mike Williams of Syracuse, Mardy Gilyard on Cincinnati, and Pitt's Jonathan Baldwin. Give credit to Oklahoma State, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia Tech, BYU, and Oklahoma, because most big teams just schedule cupcakes the first weekend of college football, and it would have been some boring football without those teams scheduling some tough games in week 1. Penn State plays 4 non-conference games, all at home against Akron, Eastern Illinois, Temple, and Syracuse. Jimmy Clausen is an official Heisman candidate. Dion Lewis - Remember the name. College football is so exciting, but then disappointing when you remember that there is no playoff system. This still sucks, and a college football playoff would be unreal. Luckily, we do our own here at Kotite's Corner, check out our 2008 college football playoff.


Dr. G said...

I hear that Wannstedt and the entire team are already downing Xanax to control their panic over having to face the Middies on Sep 19. And their anxiety is well-founded. The Panthers should be afraid...very afraid! GO NAVY!!!

Kotite's Corner said...

While Navy is definitely a formidable opponent, I will be very disappointed if Wannstedt can't get the team up for that one. A win over Navy should move us to 3-0 going to NC State.

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