Friday Football Picks

Willard – Overall Record: (5-3)
Alabama (-17.5) vs. Arkansas
Packers (-6.5) at Rams
Colts (+2.5) at Cardinals
Saints (-6) at Bills

Dr. G - Overall Record (4-4)
Iowa State (-10) vs. Army
Saints (-6) at Bills
Steelers (-4) at Bengals
Bears (-2) at Seahawks

C-Money – Overall Record (2-2)
Florida (-21.5) at Kentucky
Penn State (-9.5) vs. Iowa
Colts (+2.5) at Cardinals
Steelers (-4) at Bengals

Roget – Overall Record: (5-6)
Kentucky (+21.5) vs. Florida
TCU (+2.5) at Clemson
Colts (+2.5) at Cardinals
Lions (+6.5) vs. Redskins

Jack Flack – Overall Record: (5-6)
Penn State (-9.5) vs. Iowa
Miami (-3) at Virginia Tech
49ers (+6.5) at Vikings
Saints (-6) at Bills

Mr. Green – Overall Record: (4-7)
Pittsburgh (+1) at NC State
Redskins (-6.5) at Lions
Steelers (-4) at Bengals
Saints (-6) at Bills

Hollywood – Overall Record: (4-7)
Kentucky (+21.5) vs. Florida
Nevada (+7) vs. Missouri
Lions (+6.5) vs. Redskins
Cardinals (-2.5) vs. Colts

Overall Winning Percentage
1. Willard (63%)
2. Dr. G (50%)
2. C-Money (50%)
4. Roget (45%)
4. Jack Flack (45%)
6. Mr. Green (36%)
6. Hollywood (36%)


Dr. G said...

It is to be noted that C-Money, after shooting off his mouth last week about crushing my picks, and deriding my admittedly subpar performance last week, did not exactly shine in his debut here. 50% (2-2) in his first week of prognosticating is not exactly the Gold Standard, though not horrendous either. Given the unpredictable variables in many games, it's basically the equivalent of a C grade. Of course, come to think of it, a "C" probably does represent Mr. Money's academic Gold Standard...
I would remind Mr. Money that predictive performance is measured cumulatively, and only gets harder as the weeks add up, with the bad picks cancelling out the good over time. 50% is not exactly the firmest base on which to support his boastful hot air. This is especially true if we consider the "football knowledge" exhibited in his comments of 9/18 in reply to commentary on the "Give Kolb a Chance" post. In his brilliant reply at that time, Mr. Money stated: "T-Bone & Mr. Green are acting like the Saints are the best team in the league. Give me a break!!! They beat up on a team that was 0-16 last year...Their defense is suspect and...Brees might not throw a TD against us. I think everyone is giving the Saints way too much credit..." Yes, this is certainly someone who should be crowing about his football acumen...Give ME a break!!

C-Money said...

Ok, ok, the Saints did dismantle the Eagles handily, but I stand by my guns that they aren't that great. Do you think that they have a good defense?? I thought it looked average at best. On the other hand our defense, with an emphasis on the linebacking core, looked HORRIBLE. The first drive of the game we let Brees throw easy 8 yard routes to the tight end. They never really beat us deep with the exception of an amazing catch by Devery Henderson. We had absolutely no pressure on Brees which let him pick us apart like a surgeon removing shrapnel from a road-side bomb victim.

All things aside, I did absolutely no research in my first week of picking, so I expect this week to be a huge turnaround for C-Money.

T-Bone said...

Not to derail the love fest between Dr. G and C-Money but, to change the subject, I'm getting a really bad feeling about the Phils. I mean a REALLY BAD feeling. After Lee's latest crappy outing Friday night, I think the Fightins are officially in deep trouble. At this rate I frankly don't see them even making the NL championship round. This is about the worst possible scenario going into the last week of the regular season. Consider the following:

Lidge -- 'nuff said, he just plain sucks!
Lee-- WTF is going on?? 2-3 with a 6.35 ERA over his last 6 starts!
Werth -- 1 hit in last 21 AB's with 12 K's!
Feliz -- batting .216 with .591 OPS in Sep!
Victorino -- batting .241 with .643 OPS in Sep!

Between the Phils stumbling into the playoffs and the Birds looking like a 3-ring circus with Vick and Reid's newest toy -- the Pop Warner League Wildcat -- I'm beginning to think that Billy Penn temporarily nodded off last year, allowing the Phils to avoid the curse and sneak in a championship. It appears that Billy may now be fully awake and pissed off that he fell asleep at the wheel in '08 -- it's feeling to me that the curse may be back with a vengeance...

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