Friday Football Picks

Friday Football Picks returns today, with a bunch of picks from the college action this weekend.

Mr. Green – Overall Record: (0-0)
Ohio State (-21.5) vs. Navy: Ohio State is trying to prove that they are among the nation’s elite. And what do the nation’s elite teams do? Beat up on a crappy opponent the first weekend, and put up a big number. Pryor should have at least 4 total TD’s in this game.

Wake Forest (-2) vs. Baylor: Wake Forest returns Riley Skinner at QB for what seems like his 8th year as starter. Wake Forest still has a good defense even though they lost Aaron Curry and Alphonso Smith, and should cover the 2 points.

Oklahoma State (-4.5) vs. Georgia: Oklahoma State is one of my national championship pick this year, so that will suck for me if they lose Week 1. Oklahoma State has a very solid offense, and some question marks on defense. They still should be able to win and cover this game in Stillwater.

Roget – Overall Record: (0-0)
Ohio (+3) vs. UConn
Buffalo (+9.5) at UTEP
Purdue (-10) vs. Toledo

Jack Flack – Overall Record: (0-0)
Oklahoma State (-4.5) vs. Georgia
BYU (+22) at Oklahoma
LSU (-17.5) at Washington

Hollywood – Overall Record: (0-0)
Texas (-40.5) vs. Louisiana Monroe: McCoy's Heisman campaign will begin, and UL Monroe will be the victim on Saturday. Texas moves into Fla/OK territory this year as an elite team, and elite teams beat bad teams badly. Word out of Texas is that they want to prove that they are as good as Florida, so they plan on running up scores this year. Oh yeah, and McCoy’s stache is ballin.

Ohio (+3) vs. UConn: Sometimes, the gem picks are in the games that most people over look. We have a team in UConn who lost their star QB and WR and open on the road against a team that has bowl game aspirations this year. Ohio makes a statement in their home opener and wins this game.

Minnesota (-6.5) at Syracuse: I don’t understand this line one bit. That can be a bit scary, but if I can lay less than a TD vs. Paulus in his first start, there is no way I can decline. Minnesota should score just enough for this cover, even though they are not a great road team.


Dr. G said...

Uh, Mr. Green, Navy is a "crappy opponent?" Of course OSU should handle them without much sweat, but the Middies, with their vaunted triple option, have led the nation in rushing the past 4 years. Repeat, LED THE FREAKIN' NATION 4 years in a row! Not too shabby. They may go down, but they'll go down fighting! GO NAVY!!

C-Money said...

Turns out Dr. G was correct about his Midshipmen, they gave OSU all they could handle, and almost stole one from them.

I think Mr. Green needs to issue an apology to the Naval Academy.

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