Vick Suspended Two Games

Roger Goodell met with Mike Vick today in New York, and announced just recently that Vick is suspended for the first two weeks of the regular season. Vick will be eligible to play Week 3 at home against the Chiefs, one week before the Eagles have a bye. This is probably a good thing for the Eagles, as they can try to work on more effective ways to get Vick involved in the game, and have some more time to do this. If Vick were eligible to play Week 1, there might be some temptation to play him when the plays with Vick on the field are gimmicky and not really working. Hopefully this will allow the Eagles to draw up some good plays for Vick on the field when he returns in Week 3.

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schelley bisson said...

Well the Eagles could of used him TODAY that would have been awesome now that Mc.Nabb is hurt !