Give Kolb a Chance

This town is down on Kolb. We do not believe in him. We do not trust him. Why? Has he actually been given a shot? Does the Baltimore game really count? I don't think it should count. Not many quarterbacks with no experience could play well in that situation. Does the scrub duty or preseason count? Not really as well. He has never really been given a true chance.

Kolb might not turn out to be the future of the Eagles like Coach Reid thought he would be when they drafted him, but we need to find out and give him a chance. Right now is a perfect opportunity. At the end of next year McNabb and Vick will be free agents. There is a good chance we will not resigning either. That decision will be a lot easier if we know what we actually have in Kolb.

McNabb has fractured ribs from the cheap shot he took against Carolina. There is nothing you can do to heal them faster. It is just a matter if he can play through the pain, which we all know he can. But why put him out there this week or next, when week 4 is a bye and we could have a healthier, rested McNabb starting week 5 for the rest of the season and a playoff run? With McNabb or Kolb, you will beat the Chiefs at home in week 3. Randall Cunningham at his age would be able to play for the Eagles after they induct him into their Ring of Honor in a pregame ceremony, and would beat the Chiefs. This week against the Saints is another story. No matter who is the QB, you might not win. McNabb gives us a better chance than Kolb does to win.

If you give Kolb the next two starts, you can accomplish many things: you get to rest McNabb, find out what Kolb is made of, and at worst go into the bye week 2-1. So everyone who thinks Garcia should play this week, or Vick should start next week should give Kolb a chance. We really do not know what we have. Let's let him show us.


T-Bone said...

Although I have previously stated that I don't believe King Kolb belongs in the NFL, and would prefer to see Garcia out there, you make some good points. At the start of the season I actually felt somewhat the same, considering the Ravens game inconclusive re: Kolb's skills or lack thereof. He did some decent things and some lousy things: pretty much what you'd expect of a backup with limited reps and no game day experience. I guess you could say he's in the same position going into this season, so his less-than-stellar performance last week shouldn't be held against him. I get that, but was frankly surprised at how poorly he performed and how unprepared he appeared. My sense is that Kolb just doesn't have the natural talent or "instincts" to be either a starter OR a reliable #2. Of course, that can probably be said of the majority of backups -- the Tom Bradys are few and far between. So, yeah, Kolb can have his chance -- and probably deserves it -- but in terms of W's I'd just feel more comfortable (though not necessarily much more confident)with Garcia. In fact, definitely at this stage, and maybe even ongoing, I'd feel more comfortable with Garcia than Vick. But, hey, I hope Kolb does well and proves me wrong, though one positive performance does not an NFL QB make -- just ask Bobby Hoying. Either way, though, I do agree that they should sit McNabb through the bye week.

Mr. Green said...

I would like to see McNabb play this weekend. In football, every game counts, this isn't baseball where you can sit a guy to get healthy if need be for a month at the beginning or middle of the season. With a 16 game season, and the Eagles going to be in the thick of the NFC East or Wild Card race, possibly against the Saints, the Eagles need to do whatever they can to win this game. If McNabb is 70% or better, I say you play him.

I don't disagree that Kolb doesn't deserve a chance, and I'm not knocking Kolb, but the Eagles need to do what they can do to win this game. Also, against the Chiefs, obviously the Eagles should win, but there are a couple games each year that the Eagles lose that they shouldn't.

T-Bone said...

The brevity of the football season in comparison to every other sport is precisely what makes it such compelling drama. Each game from the very beginning has great significance to the outcome of the season. In that respect, each game literally "counts more" than single games in other sports. This, in turn, is why we see NFL starters going into battle harnessed-up, strapped-up, taped-up, and shot-up to an extent far beyond what would ever occur elsewhere (with the possible exception of the NHL where pain & suffering have a storied tradition). So it's always a tough dilemma to decide when an injured starter, particularly THE most crucial starter, should sit vs. play. Can't argue with Mr. Green's position that the Eagles can't afford to simply give a game away and settle for 2-1 going into the bye. Also can't argue with his observation that the Birds have a nasty habit of coming up small in "gimme" games, making the Chiefs not automatic. However, if McNabb is out there at 70% (assuming he's even at that level), one conventional hit or tackle in the wrong spot can take him right down to 0%, in which case he can be out for a lot longer. Is it worth the risk? I guess that's what Reid gets paid the big bucks to decide. I could go either way, but think in this case we'd be better off safe than sorry by sitting him thru the bye. I don't like it, and I have no real confidence in either Kolb or Garcia in the Saints game, but I have far less confidence in what would happen to the Birds' season if McNabb ended up being knocked out for even longer.

C-Money said...

FIrst of all, T-Bone and Mr. Green are acting like the Saints are the best team in the league. Give me a break!!! They beat up on a team that was 0-16 last year. Did you see that the Lions scored 27 points?? I admit that Drew Brees is top 3 in the league for quarterbacks, and he has good weapons to throw to, but the way everyone is talking, we should give them the game. Their defense is suspect and if we actually pressure Brees, he might not throw 6 touchdowns against us.

I'm just saying... I think everyone is giving the Saints way too much credit after they beat up on a team with a rookie QB and a defense that is probably bottom 5 in the league, maybe bottom 2.