Eagles Sign Jeff Garcia

The Eagles have signed quarterback Jeff Garcia. Garcia last was in an Eagles uniform in 2006, and led the Eagles to the playoffs. Since leaving the Eagles, Garcia spent 2 seasons in Tampa Bay, and was cut this offseason by the Raiders. Garcia is 39 years old. It is unclear if Garcia is just going to back up Kevin Kolb against the Saints, or if he will see any playing time. That is all dependent on if McNabb actually is out against the Saints, which is still unclear. With Vick still on the team and eventually taking up a roster spot starting at latest for Week 3, it is unclear if Garcia is just signing for a week or two and then will be cut or what the Eagles plan on doing. The Eagles will have to release a player to sign Garcia. The Eagles will also have to release a player when they activate Vick.


C-Money said...

I think Garcia should start. Kolb really looked terrible in mop-up duty. I read a stat somewhere stating that out of his 18 NFL offensive possessions, 6 have been turnovers. Not a great ratio.

I want to know who did the scouting involved to think that Kevin Kolb would be a good NFL quarterback. In my opinion, he was an average college QB who had great numbers at a mid-major school.

I checked the schedule for his senior season and the best team I can find is Miami(FL). While they seem formidable, this was in a very down year for Miami, and he had the worst game of his season. Although, he did rack up some great numbers against Louisiana-Lafayette.. a game in which they lost!!!

Another miss by the Eagles scouts and Tom Heckert when it comes to QB evaluations.

T-Bone said...

C-Money is on the money again. Kolb has no business being in the NFL -- and the Birds' #1 pick at that! I now suspect that the Vick acquisition was based on Reid & Co. finally recognizing that Kolb ain't what they thought (or deluded themselves into thinking) he was. Considering how he left, I was surprised at the Garcia signing, but Feeley had already committed to the Panthers, so it makes sense under the circumstances. Agree that I'd rather see Garcia out there than King Kolb.