Friday Football Picks

Dr. G - Overall Record (3-1)
BYU (-8) vs. Florida State
Northwestern (-3) at Syracuse
Steelers (-3) at Bears
Colts (-3) at Dolphins

Roget – Overall Record: (4-3)
Purdue (-12.5) vs. Northern Illinois
Washington (+19.5) vs. USC
Seahawks (+1.5) at 49ers
Patriots (-3) at Jets

Jack Flack – Overall Record: (4-3)
Eastern Michigan (+24) at Michigan
Southern Miss. (-15) vs. Virginia
UCLA (-12.5) vs. Kansas State
Patriots (-3) at Jets

Willard – Overall Record: (2-2)
North Carolina (-7.5) vs. East Carolina
Cardinals (+3) at Jaguars
Titans (-6.5) vs. Texans
Colts (-3) at Dolphins

Mr. Green – Overall Record: (3-4)
Cincinnati (-1) at Oregon State
Buffalo (+4.5) at Central Florida
Steelers (-3) at Bears
Packers (-9) vs. Bengals

Hollywood – Overall Record: (3-4)
Kentucky (-13.5) vs. Louisville
Arkansas (-2.5) vs. Georgia
Iowa State (-3) at Kent State
Browns (+3) at Broncos

C-Money - Overall Records: (0-0)
Oklahoma (-17.5) vs. Tulsa
Oklahoma State (-33) vs. Rice
Chiefs (-3) vs. Raiders
Giants (+3) at Cowboys

Overall Winning Percentage
1. Dr. G (75%)
2. Roget (57.1%)
2. Jack Flack (57.1%)
4. Willard (50%)
5. Mr. Green (42.9%)
5. Hollywood (42.9%)
7. C-Money (N/A)


Kotite's Corner said...

Order of picks will now be listed by our current rankings, which is why Dr. G is first based on his early lead.

C-Money said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
C-Money said...

I am going to crush Dr. G

C-Money said...

Ha, so far this week Dr. G is 0-3, let's hope the streak keeps going tonight and the Dolphins pull it out. I knew the first week was a farce.

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