Phillies Need a Healthy Romero

J.C. Romero continues to struggle returning from a left elbow injury that has sidelined him the past couple months. This is an issue that I believe is being overlooked, as we need a healthy Romero going into the playoffs.

Romero has been one of the best relievers in the national league the past 2 seasons since the Phillies acquired him, and was real solid throughout the playoff run last season. And the big thing is - he's left handed. Not only is he one of out best relievers, he's easily the best left handed reliever on the team, which is extremely important. The Phillies current bullpen features Brett Myers, Ryan Madson, Chan Ho Park, and the still struggling Brad Lidge as the guys who can come in in the 8th and 9th innings to close out the game. All of these pitchers however are right handed.

Because Scott Eyre is on the disabled list as well, it leaves the Phillies with no good left handed relievers, and this needs to change going into the playoffs. Romero is trying to pitch in a simulated game, but the team keeps pushing it back. The team, and Romero have said at times throughout this disabled list stint that they are optimistic he will come back soon, but it has yet to happen.

If for some reason, J.C. Romero cannot go in this postseason, I think you have to consider moving J.A. Happ to the bullpen for the postseason and leaving Pedro in as the 4th starter. Happ would move into the role he had at the beginning of the season, and would be the main left hander coming out of the bullpen to get opposing lefties out in tough situations. Eyre should be back, and is solid, but you need another option there. I'm not sure they should do this with Happ, but they have to consider it. Hopefully, it will be Romero and we don't have to worry about any of this, but as the season winds down, I am starting to worry more and more.

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