2008 College Football Playoff

We all know that the BCS is a joke. In fact, I will take it a step further, and call Division I college football a joke, as they are the only league, including other divisions of college football, who do not have a playoff. Who plays in each bowl game, including the National Championship game is determined more by a computer than a teams’ play on the field, leaving numerous teams with legitimate beefs as to why they do not get a shot at the National Championship game. Everyone loves college basketball and March Madness. Every team has a shot at the championship, there are so many great games, and there are always the cindarella stories that we all love. A college football playoff is feasible, with every team playing 12 regular season games, and then a 16-team playoff throughout December and into early January. This could be easily solved in college football. So we took the time to do our own college football playoff.

The rules are simple. The six major conference champions (Penn State, USC, Oklahoma, Florida, Cincinnati, and Virginia Tech) all were given at-large bids. We then took the top 16 teams according to the final BCS standings, which all of the above teams were already included in except for Virginia Tech. Because Virginia Tech was not in the top 16, the #16 team, BYU, was bumped for Virginia Tech. The 16 teams were then seeded, and a bracket was created.

The first round games are to be played at the higher seeded teams’ home field. The 2nd round games would be played at the respective major bowls (Orange, Sugar, Rose, Fiesta), and the semi-final games would be played at two random neutral sites, which we chose as Houston, and San Diego, being two warm-weather major cities with major football stadiums. The National Championship game would be played as it will be this season in Miami. And guess what? It's not that hard to do, so let's hope that college football soon finds a way to get a playoff done, because who wouldn't want to see some of these matchups.

Stay tuned, as we will be projecting the winner over the course of the next week.


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