Eagles Need Win... And Help

The Eagles will play their 16th game of the season this Sunday, and the playoffs are on the line for both the Eagles, and their hated opponent, the Cowboys. Unfortunately for the Eagles, they not only need to win this game, they need help from some other teams. Here is what needs to happen to see the Eagles playing football in January--
  1. The Eagles need to beat the Cowboys
  2. The Raiders need to beat the Buccaneers
  3. The Giants need to beat the Vikings OR the Texans need to beat the Bears

Seems unlikely, but hey, that's why they play the games. To win the game at hand, the Eagles will need a team effort from the offense, defense, and ohh yeah, the play calling. If the play calling is poor, the Eagles really do not have a chance to win this game. However, if Andy Reid actually calls a normal pass-run ratio, the Eagles will have a good chance to win this game. The Eagles defense has been great all season, however, the Cowboys were one of the few teams to put up a lot of points on this defense. If the Eagles can stop the run like they have been able to do lately, they should be able to get pressure on Romo, and hopefully force some turnovers.

On offense, as usual, Brian Westbrook will need to have a huge game, and he is the only consistent play maker. If McNabb throws 50 passes this game, they Eagles have no chance to win. Not only is that bad play calling, the Eagles do not have the personnel at wide receivers to get it done consistently in the passing game.

It is a shame for all us Eagles fans that the Eagles season has come down to this - a must-win game, and needing help.


Dr. G said...

Was just listening to my man Mikey Miss on ESPN radio who's putting out a different spin on this game. His point is that yes, it's perfectly legitimate to despise everything about the Cowgirls, and ordinarily it would make sense to take pleasure in knocking them out of the playoffs. In this case, though, he feels that the fans' legitimate outrage at the Eagles top brass and Clueless Andy should trump their hatred of Dallas, and it would actually better serve the fans' interests for them to swallow hard and openly root for the Girls right in front of Weasel Lurie. The thinking here is that only by shoving our disgust with Reid right under Lurie's nose will he POSSIBLY grasp the seriousness of the need for change. Rooting for, and taking pleasure in, beating Dallas will only play into the mentality we saw at the end of last year: "We showed we can play with anybody in the league -- we just need to tweak some things -- we'll be okay." Double M's point is that the fans need to do something radical to hammer into Lurie's thick skull the necessity of getting a divorce from this coach. And what could be more radical than fans at the Linc cheering a TO TD? Distasteful in the extreme for sure, but worth a try?

mr. reid said...

you guys feel stupid....oh andy why you so stupid lalala