Reid's Only Friend?

You know you’re in trouble when your only supporter is Howard Eskin. We’re sure that Howard will spend the week re-educating the legion of nitwits like ourselves who believe that a 26% to 74% run to pass play ratio is a recipe for disaster, especially in windy conditions. But Andy and Howard always know better because…well, just because! The real question is whether Banner and Lurie still believe they know better too. The answer may well determine whether the Eagles will ever get a peek at playoff football for the next decade.


Eleanor the Dog said...

well done Dr. G, Eskin has his head so far up the Reid and Banner's ass, I only listen to him the day after a loss for a good laugh to cheer me up, he blames the whole game on a missed block or a dropped pass, instead of realizing that it all comes down to the coach; with his play-calling and player moves.

Goose said...

ARGH it's the Wolfman!

Anonymous said...

Eskin, Spadaro, and Reid are butt buddies.