2008 College Football Playoff

We are now down to the final eight teams of our college football playoff. Some intruiging matchups highlight these 2nd round games, let's see how they play out.

Mr. Green: Oklahoma
Roget: Oklahoma
Willard: Oklahoma
Dr. G: Oklahoma
Jack Flack: Oklahoma


Mr. Green: TCU
Roget: Alabama
Willard: Alabama
Dr. G: Alabama
Jack Flack: TCU


Mr. Green: Florida
Roget: Florida
Willard: Florida
Dr. G: Florida
Jack Flack: Florida


Dr. G: USC
Roget: Texas
Willard: USC
Dr. G: Texas
Jack Flack: USC


The top two seeds continue to take care of business, with both Oklahoma and Florida winning handily. Boise State didn't have the magic this time to beat a great offensive Oklahoma team. We saw two great matchups, and the "cindarella" of this college football playoff, TCU, was finally beaten, but almost upset Alabama. Another close game saw USC top Texas.

The final four is set. There were three Big 12 teams in the final eight, and only one advanced to the final four. There are two SEC teams left, and a Pac-10 team. An updated bracket will soon follow, showing the final four teams, the matchups, and the location of the games to be played.

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