2008 College Football Playoff

The first round ends with the right side of the bracket. The four winners of these games will round out the final eight teams of the 2008 college football playoff.

Mr. Green: Florida
Roget: Florida
Willard: Florida
Dr. G: Florida
Jack Flack: Florida


Mr. Green: Ohio State
Roget: Texas Tech
Willard: Texas Tech
Dr. G: Texas Tech
Jack Flack: Texas Tech


Mr. Green: USC
Roget: USC
Willard: USC
Dr. G: USC
Jack Flack: USC


Mr. Green: Texas
Roget: Texas
Willard: Texas
Dr. G: Texas
Jack Flack: Texas


The remainder of the first round sees four easy wins, all by the home teams, including three sweeps. Florida, Texas, Texas Tech, and USC all advance to the final eight teams easily.

Stay tuned as we continue our college football playoff to determine the real #1 team in college football. An updated bracket with the final eight teams will follow soon, there are some great matchups.

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