Fans are back to drinking the Kool-Aid

The Eagles won on Monday night, and now all of you fair-weather fans are back to drinking the proverbial Kool-Aid. Do not get me wrong, I obviously like the Eagles winning, but give me a break; how much of a hypocrite, fair-weather fan can you be? Everyone reading this including us was calling for Andy Reid's head on a silver platter. Most of you would have traded McNabb for a bag of peanuts. And now what? They win a few games and all is forgotten. Now it comes down to a game against the TO-ified Cowgirls for a wild card spot. Awesome - congratulations front-running, bandwagon jumping fans who are blinded by a playoff birth, now we can have two first round picks in the twenties and have both McNabb and Reid for another year of mediocrity, a 75-25 pass/run ratio and maybe a possibility of a playoff birth. This same thing happened when McNabb went down and Garcia came in. We made a run to the playoff, because Reid decided to play call like a normal, intelligent coach. If this same organization is back here in tact next season, the first game next year we will be back to all of this nonsense again. I am a McNabb fan; the Eagles management has short-changed him with playmakers every year of his career except for the TO year. If the Eagles do make the playoffs, all of you fair-weather fans will bring up the Giants of last year, and how any team can win. This is true, but realistically, c'mon, we will be luc ky to get out of the Wild Card round. The one positive I see with this playoff run is that McNabb's value is higher than it will be for the rest of his career. I admit it will be tough next year when Childress, McNabb, and Peterson make it to the NFC championship; but then McNabb will choke and we will smile. I know Reid will not be gone next year, but I am calling all of you chumps out, that you have no right to complain next year. Hope the kool-aid tastes good.


Dr. G said...

Sure didn't take long for Reid's chronic allergic reaction to a balanced offense to kick in again! He must break out in hives when their running plays approach 30%. He can get away with this against the woeful Browns, but he'd better take some Benadryl before the Cowboys game, 'cause there ain't no way a pass-heavy game plan is gonna work against that pass rush and secondary.

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