2008 College Football Playoff

....And then there were eight. The first round has been completed. We saw a couple upsets (Boise State, TCU), but for the most part, the higher seeds took care of business, leaving some very intriguing 2nd round games. The four games will take place at the four respective major bowls chosen randomly. The matchups are as follows--

#1 Oklahoma vs. #9 Boise State in Miami, FL (Orange Bowl)
#11 TCU vs. #4 Alabama in Pasadena, CA (Rose Bowl)
#2 Florida vs. #7 Texas Tech in New Orleans, LA (Sugar Bowl)
#5 USC vs. #3 Texas in Glendale, AZ (Fiesta Bowl)

Imagine if we actually got these see these matchups play out on the field and not on the computer. Oklahoma and Boise State square off in a rematch of the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, which was probably the greates BCS bowl game ever played. The underdog, Boise State, scored on a hook-and-ladder on the final play of the game, and then scored on a 2-point conversion in which they ran the "statue of liberty" play to win the game. So that game is no given for Oklahoma on a neutral site. The 2nd round also features an unbelievable matchup of USC against Texas in the Fiesta Bowl.

Here is the updated bracket--

We will be voting on the winners of the 2nd round games shortly, so check back to see what teams make it to the Final Four.


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