Monday Night Football Comes to Philly

The Eagles will play tonight on Monday Night Football against the lowly Browns. I guess in this season, we can't take any opponent for granted, but the Eagles need to win this game to stay alive in the wild-card hunt.

In yesterday's action, the Giants and Buccaneers didn't do the Eagles any favors, as both the Falcons and Cowboys won their respective games. Both teams, along with the Buccaneers remain in front of the Eagles in the wild card race. What does this mean? The Eagles still have to win out (Browns, Redskins, Cowboys), and have the Falcons or Bucs lose one of their last two games.

It starts tonight against the Cleveland Browns led by QB Ken Dorsey. Unfortunately for Ken Dorsey, he isn't in college anymore, and he will be facing a very good, aggressive defense tonight. The Browns defense isn't all that special either, although they have held some good opponents to low point totals lately. McNabb and Westbrook will have to play well for the Eagles to win. As long as the play calling is good, the Eagles should be able to control and win this game. On defense, the Browns do have a good bruising running back in Jamal Lewis. The Browns do like to pound the ball up the middle, but the Eagles have done a very good job against the run thus far this season.

Let's hope we can keep pace with a win tonight. Are you ready for some football?

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