RE: Fans are Back to Drinking the Kool-Aid

To Whomever finds pleasure in ripping Philly fans,

I, for one, and sick and tired of being bashed and deemed a "fair-weather fan" when, in reality, you could not find a more passionate yet knowledgeable group of fans than you can find here in Philly. Fair-weather? Nonsense! The only "problem" with Philly fans is that we have a unique blend of obnoxiousness and smarts. It isn't supposed to be like that; fans are supposed to be obnoxiously dumb or smart but classy. Yes, the Philly fans ripped the Birds for all of the awful performances they have had so far this year. But it was well deserved. We weren't just booing for the sake of booing a losing team. We know football, and we see the potential of our team. To see that potential unfulfilled because a coach can't control a family let alone a football team is heartbreaking. All we want is to see the best effort put forth on the field. When you are playing for a Philadelphia team, we will cheer when you dive out of bounds to try to save an errant pass, or when you hit a ground ball to second base with nobody out to move a runner to third. However, we will also let you have it when you call a bootleg toss to an incumbent Tight End on 4th and 1. Nobody is drinking any cool-aid. Nobody all of the sudden supports Andy Reid or thinks that McNabb has a few more years left in him. If anything, a lot of the city is a little bit weary that this late season success is going to give the organization an excuse to hold on to this has been quarterback and ass of a coach when we know that neither of them is the long term answer.

Philly fans are not fair-weathered. We do demand 100% effort every time, and when that effort is put forth, we will support you like none other. Just ask the Phillies. But when a "playoff-caliber" team ties one of the biggest jokes in the NFL, yes we are going to get frustrated. And when we beat the defending Super Bowl champs on the road, then we are going to be happy. That's not being a fair-weather fan, that's being human. What did you want us to say after the bad games "Yeah, we know that Andy Reid blew this game for the team and for the city, but we still love you Eagles!" That couldn't be expected of any fan of any team. I am proud to be a Philly fan. You can say what you want about the boos and the cursing and the attitude, but the biggest keys to being a fan are passion and knowledge, and Philly is filled with fans who possess tons of both.

- Hollywood


zac efron said...

i like kool-aid and i like you hollywood

David Cook said...

i hope you like my CD, hollywood.

Joe Flacco said...

hollywood you are my best friend

david archuleta said...

how come you act like you do not know me anymore?

Andy Reid said...

I enjoy kool aid. It makes washing down my 5th burger and 3rd hot dog much easier. And makes room for the cake and pie for dessert.

I also like Kool Aid because, when its 4th and 1 and they see McNabb about to throw a fade to Curtis, I can play out this situation:

Joe Banner: Oh No!
Merriyl Reese: Oh No!
Every football fan who has played above a pee wee level: Oh No!


Hollywood said...

Yo Archuleta....I know we were boys when everyone thought u were gonna win American Idol, but then you went and choked. Hollywood doesnt associate with second place finishers. Besides, hanging out with you was only going to get me sent to jail in the long run....no way any of those girls were 18.


david archuleta said...

hollywood, i miss being inside of you