Yes We Can

After the incredible turn of events on Sunday, I think it’s worthwhile to hit the pause button on Reid debates for a few days and just let the improbable outcome sink in. It’s likely that a similar pattern of dominoes falling in just the right way in a single December afternoon won’t happen again for decades, so we should take this rare opportunity to just enjoy it. One could justifiably point fingers at Reid for putting the team’s entire season in the unreliable hands of the Raiders, but in light of the Bird’s complete domination and utter humiliation of Romo & Company, let’s leave that for another day. For now, let’s just revel once again in playoff football Philly style! And, oh yeah, one more thing: How ‘Bout Them Cowboys….!


Goose said...

if it had been a movie we would have all screamed, "hollywood ending!" and never believed it could happen in real life.

Beating the Cowboys was like extra sugar on my Fruity Pebbles. Absurd.

Anonymous said...

Bucs lose to Raiders. Bears lose to Texans. Eagles come out and destroy the Cowboys. What a great Sunday and a great New Year. Let's beat the Vikings and advance to play the Giants.