2008 College Football Playoff

The final four teams are set, and we are ready to go with the games. Two good matchups square off with Oklahoma playing Alabama, and Florida going against USC. The winners of the games will play each other in the National Championship game in the Orange Bowl.

Mr. Green: Oklahoma
Roget: Oklahoma
Willard: Alabama
Dr. G: Oklahoma
Jack Flack: Oklahoma


Mr. Green: USC
Roget: USC
Willard: Florida
Dr. G: Florida
Jack Flack: Florida


The top two seeds are able to survive, including a close matchup of Florida and USC. This means that the #1 and #2 teams in the nation will match up to play in the National Championship. The Big 12 champ Oklahoma vs. the SEC champ Florida. An updated bracket will soon follow showing the showdown for the National Championship.

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