Bud Selig - The Ultimate Chump

Lately, Kotite's Corner has profiled a number of well-deserved chumps, including Matt Millen and local media pimp Kevin Walsh. But these are clearly minor leaguers compared to the King of Chumps and Chief MLB Marketing Pimp -- Bud Selig. Here's a guy who's single-handedly presided over the most extensive and far-reaching degradation in the integrity of any major sport, but who has the gall to strong arm ESPN radio into suspending Scott Van Pelt, who dared aim a critical comment his way. He followed this up by calling the editor of a Minnesota newspaper to threaten a sports columnist who questioned his competence, not to mention his criminal compensation. Yes, shame on the cowards at ESPN for meekly giving in like little girls, but that network has long been glued to the smelly butts of the major sports organizations, so no surprise there. And yes, shame on the MLB owners for not only tolerating this clown, but rewarding him with a multi-million dollar contract extension! But, then, most of the owners are smacked asses like Bud, so no surprise they'd reward one of their own. No, Bud Selig all by himself is deserving of every drop of our utter contempt. Bud Selig, the creator of the most toothless and fraudulent "drug testing" policy in all of sports. Bud Selig, the mastermind behind awarding Series' home field advantage to the winner of the freakin' All-Star game. Bud Selig, the crack meteorologist who ordered last year's crucial Series 5th game to proceed in a monsoon, which then put him in the position of having to temporarily rewrite the rules of baseball by refusing to declare a complete game. For all these reasons and so many more -- including the fact that he just plain looks and sounds like a sniveling little weasel -- Bud Selig is the undisputed Ultimate Chump in all of sports. So congratulations, MLB, this Bud's for you...

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