Lost- Review of 316

Last night’s episode opened with Jack on the island, waking up just like in the pilot episode. Lost, so far this season has been amazing. My only complaint is that the answers they are giving us at times seem obvious, whereas in previous seasons, I was always confused and I was loving every minute of it. Last night’s episode started a lot of questions that should be answered sooner rather than later.

Why was Ben bloody by the dock? My first thought is that he got Widemore back by killing Penny. Could Penny really cause that much harm to Ben? If Desmond was on the boat, only one man comes out alive and no way are they killing off Desmond. He is too important to the show. If Penny is now dead, it should make an interesting team of Widemore and Desmond seeking revenge on Ben.

Who did Kate give Aaron to? Right away I thought it was to Claire’s mom, Carole. Kate seemed pretty upset and did not want to talk about it, to the point where you may believe that Aaron was not given up, but rather taken. Did Ben get to her? Did he threaten the life of Jack and/or Sawyer if she did not give up Aaron and come on the plane?

How/Why was Sayid arrested and why was he being transported to Guam? This had to be setup by someone working with Ben. No way this is a coincidence. Did his handler, Ilana, end up on this island also? How about Caesar, who offered Jack his condolences and who Hurley told to buckle up. If these two characters whom we were introduced to make it to the island and no one else on the plane does, why them? Was one of the six in physical contact with them during the flash? What happens to the plane? Does it crash in 2008 or in the 70’s? Does it continue its flight plan missing the seven passengers flashed to the island?

Jin was wearing a Dharma uniform in the 70’s and found Kate, Jack, and Hurley on the island. When Locke turned the wheel below the Orchid, the island must have stopped skipping through time leaving the rest of the islanders stuck in the 70’s. They adapted by joining Dharma (for now) until Locke came back with the Oceanic 6. This also can explain Faraday helping construct the Orchid in the 70’s.

Interesting to see where they go from here.

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