Dawkins Officially a Bronco

In a situation that has taken the Eagles fans attention for the past 24 hours, it looks like Brian Dawkins will officially be a Denver Bronco. Dawkins agent has confirmed this, and the Broncos have officially announced it. This is probably the worst news for Eagles fans in a long time. It is a complete slap in the face from the jackasses who run this organization. We will probably be even more upset when we find out the specifics of a deal, which will probably be two years, and for not a whole lot. Definitely a guy who deserves to retire an Eagle, and play out his final years in the green jersey. Picturing Dawkins in a Broncos jersey makes me want to throw up. Still being pretty young when Dawkins first started his career with the Eagles, he quickly became my favorite player, and favorite Philadelphia athlete. If you ask any Eagles fan their favorite player, Dawkins will be quickly mentioned by almost everybody. Ray Didinger, who is an unbelievably knowledgeable football mind says that Dawkins revolutionized the safety position, and paved the way for the players today like Ed Reed, and Polamalu. It is a sad day to lose Dawkins, and it just shows how arrogant the front office is. Every day, the fans grow more and more tired with the assholes who run this organization, who act like they have won multiple Super Bowls, when they've never won anything. The fatass himself, Andy Reid, thinks we are stupid enough to believe everything he says. The Phillies are busy winning World Series' while the Eagles brass is more concerned about how to nickel and dime every Eagles player on the team. Brian Dawkins now a Bronco. It's tough to say, and if you will now excuse me, I am going to go cry.


Dr. G said...

"The Day the Music Died"

Brian Dawkins' exit to Denver is the single worst move by an Eagles organization since "the guy from France" exiled Reggie White to the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. Yes, White had more productive years left in his tank than Dawk does, but no player has performed a more vital leadership role both on the field and in the locker room than #20. This is truly a dark day for Philly sports, and speaks volumes about the utter cluelessness of The Three Stooges who run this thoroughly unlikable organization: The Boston Brat, The Mormon Mound, and Barney the Banner Fife. It would have been easy to offer Dawk the 2-year deal he wanted, with the 2nd year basically a guarantee of staying with the team in some capacity should it be decided his playing days are over. But that's not how The Stooges operate. Instead, they short-sightedly try to take advantage of every player they can, completely dismissive of any past or future contributions. After all, as we hear all the time, sports is a business. And in this respect they are indeed similar to the Wall Street robber barons who have flushed the entire country's economy down the toilet in their greedy pursuit of short-term gain. But that's not how Philly views its sports, and it's not how we want our teams to operate. Unfortunately for us, The Three Stooges don't get Philly and could care less. But even worse, it is now crystal clear that this sorry bunch will never, ever sniff a Super Bowl victory.

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