Housh tries to fool the Eagles

According to Pro Football Talk, "Receiver T.J Houshmandzadeh has said that he'd like to play for the Eagles. But, as it turns out, the Eagles might not be interested. According to Derrick Gunn on Comcast SportsNet, the Eagles didn't react kindly to an effort by Houshmandzadeh to dupe the team into thinking that he was offering Philly a discount. After checking around, the Eagles reportedly learned that Houshmandzadeh's agent was actually asking for more money from the Eagles than from other teams. Per Gunn, the Eagles previously had little interest in Houshmandzadeh. The alleged bait-and-swtich routine ensured that the Eagles won't make a play for him."

This is good that the Eagles are not going to sign Housh. He is overrated and wants too much guaranteed money and only has about two years left in the tank. All of that being said, Eagles have lost almost all of their free agents and they have a ton of money left under the cap. They need to make moves for a few positions. Hopefully they can complete a trade for Boldin before the draft.


Dr. G said...

Not a fan of Housh either, but I really have to wonder if this "bait and switch" isn't actually a fiction concocted and spread by the lying, manipulative clowns who run Team Gold Standard. This frankly stinks of their MO: float the name of a player guaranteed to generate fan interest, but to whom they have no intention of making a serious offer, and then express righteous indignation over the "greed" of said player and/or his agent. We've been down this road before, so it wouldn't surprise me if this "bait and switch" story is pure BS authored and "leaked" by one or all of the Eagles' Three Stooges: The Boston Brat, the Mormon Mound, or Barney the Banner Fife.

Mr. Green said...

The Eagles did talk up Randy Moss last season, when they completely had no interest in signing him, they just wanted it to look like they did, so when everyone complained about the Eagles deficiencies at wide receiver, they could say, Hey we tried to get Moss. Complete bullshit.