Hollywood's Squares

As every rapper in the last 5 months has stated in some verse: It ain't trickin if you got it. Last night, I came on the site all cocky telling you how I am going to make you money, but guess what, I made you money. If you followed me that is. 4-1 last night and a late game collapse away from being 5-0. To put this into perspective, the best sports bettors in the world hit 60%, and most who do it for a living only hit 57-59%. Last night, I hit 80%. That is not going to happen every night, so dont expect it. However, I do expect to hit 60% over the course of a season in every sport that I cap. College bball on Friday nights is god awful, as its just a bunch of Ivy Leaguers getting their games in before they have to meet their study groups for the rest of their Friday nights. No plays there. Got a few that I like in the NBA though:

Denver -6.5: Caron Butler is out, making this game pretty much Denver vs Jamison. I expect a huge blowout here, as Washington isn't good enough to be taken seriously, even at home.

Oklahoma City +6: this is where people lose money in gambling. As far as public perceptions are concerned, a team like Phoenix or New Orleans is considered good, while teams like Oklahoma City are considered bad. However, when it comes to covering spreads, Phoenix is 16-29-1 and New Orleans is 19-25-1. Meanwhile, Oklahoma City is 31-18 vs the spread, only trailing Cleveland and Orlando. Don't make the common rookie mistake by taking Portland here. Oklahoma City covers tonight, and maybe even wins straight up.


Jay Ballz said...

Make it rain on them hoes!!

Hollywood said...

2-0 baby!!!! Whos money?? Im money!!!

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