Updating Eagles Free Agency

The story of Brian Dawkins joining the Denver Broncos has been confirmed by some, while others are saying it is not true. With this story still up in the air, we can only hope for the best. There will be a lot of angry Eagles fans if Dawkins does leave the Eagles. Dawkins was not only a pro bowler last season, but is the physical and emotional leader of the Eagles. One of the reasons that Eagles defense is so successful is because the players know if they don't give 110%, Dawkins will be in their face.

So lets update what we do know. Stacy Andrews signed with the Eagles. We like that signing, the Eagles needed to bring in an offensive tackle, and we believe they brought in a good one in Stacy Andrews. Unfortunately, other than that, it doesn't look good for the Eagles.

The Eagles came up short again this season by losing in the NFC Championship game. McNabb has stated on record that he wants more weapons. Only one day into NFL free agency, and we will probably lose both former pro bowler Tra Thomas, and former pro bowler John Runyan on the offensive line. We did lose former pro bowler Lito Sheppard in a trade to the Jets. We lose Correll Buckhalter, who was arguably more consistent than Westbrook last season, and was one of the main playmakers on offense all season. We also lose L.J. Smith, who was a bum but without him the TE position is not as good. We lose Sean Considine, who......... ohhh wait that's a good thing. Actually as much as I hate Considine, he could make plays on special teams, and the Eagles special teams has been horrible since Harbaugh left as special teams coach. And now possibly losing 7 time pro bowler Brian Dawkins? It is still very early, but seems to me like we are losing playmakers quicker than we are gaining them. Looks like we need to address the offensive line, running back, fullback, wide receiver, tight end, defensive end, and safety position before next season. We are not big supporters of the Eagles front office at Kotite's Corner, and they continue to show their arrogant idiocy if they could not overpay Dawkins a little bit to have him back. The trio of Andy Reid, Joe Banner, and Jeffrey Lurie are an absolute joke.


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