Kevin Walsh is a Chump

Just wanted to take this time to call out Comast SportsNet's own, Kevin Walsh. Who the hell is Kevin Walsh you might ask? Kevin Walsh is the chump who interviewed Donovan McNabb during the Syracuse-Villanova game this past weekend. Look, I understand the fact that by Donovan McNabb making a public appearance, there are going to be people who want to get an interview with him, especially after the comments he made about the Eagles defense after the NFC Championship game.

Well, Comcast jumped all over the opportunity, which makes sense as they want to get an exclusive Donovan McNabb interview. Kevin Walsh was the interviewer, and we get it, he wants to ask the "tough" questions and make a name for himself or something, but the questions asked were an absolute joke. McNabb should have stood up and thrown Kevin Walsh onto the court. McNabb handled himself well and answered all the questions to his credit. We consider ourselves very pro-McNabb for his play on the field, but have in the past bashed McNabb for certain things he says or does. But in this case, we wanted to give credit to McNabb, and call out Kevin Walsh for obviously not knowing how to conduct an interview.

First off, McNabb is watching his alma mater, Syracuse, at a basketball game, obviously not wanting to be interviewed by some chump. Second off, there is no way for McNabb to respond to some of the questions asked, which made the interview extremely awkward. Walsh asked McNabb if he learned anything from watching Warner or Roethlisberger in the Super Bowl. Really? What did he expect McNabb to say to that? He also asked McNabb 25 times whether he wanted to be back in Philly. McNabb is always very cordial in interviews, but this is one situation where he should have just put Kevin Walsh in his place, and owned him.

So in the end, Kevin Walsh tried to make a name for himself and just looked like a fool with no skills or sports knowledge. He should have conducted himself a lot better in the interview, and not made the interview incredibly awkward. If Comcast SportsNet lets Walsh go, he has a great skill set for TMZ.


Anonymous said...

Walsh looked so bad in this interview. I do not know how he still has a job. I give McNabb credit for not calling him a moron, it must have been tough not to call him a ton of different names.

Dr. G said...

KW: Yo! Kevin Walsh here reporting from Kotite's Corner. We at Comcast SportsNet have been following comments posted on this premier Philly sports blog, and have some tough questions to ask. As the only Comcast reporter with the balls to ambush McNabb while he was trying to watch his alma mater take on Nova, I was the natural choice for this key assignment. I have with me one of the founders of KC, a dude who goes by the handle Roget. Tell me, Roget, have you learned anything from reading the brilliant posts & comments of your most astute & accomplished contributor, the one & only Dr. G?

Roget: I ain't learnt shit from nobody! Only a fag writes like he does, and I don't need no learnin' from none of them. Just 'cause he can spell & knows grammar don't mean shit! Me & Eleanor the Dog own Dr. G!

KW: Those comments could be taken as throwing a teammate under the bus. How do you respond to that charge?

Roget: Fuck you and the horse you rode in on! I ain't thrown nobody under nothin'. I'm the leader of this here blog and all the contributors respect me for it. They know I AM THE MAN!!!

KW; There you have it folks. A searing look behind the scenes at Kotite's Corner -- and it's not a pretty picture. I'd have more on this hard hitting expose if I didn't have to go stalk McNabb at his daughter's pre-school Valentine's part. Back to you Michael...

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