The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham Review/Theories

It was very interesting to see Locke come back to life on the island. Since he took the place of Christian Sheppard on the 815 flight, could Christian have been resurrected also and that is why Jack saw his father on the island in the first season? The only thing against this theory is that Christian Sheppard seems to show up and leave as if he were a ghost (on the island, in Jacob’s Cabin, on the Freighter, by the wheel…). When Locke got back to the real world, he was back to being a complete chump again, not being able to convince anyone to come back with him, and having to be transported around in a wheelchair. While on the mainland, Walt told Locke that he keeps having dreams about a group of people killing Locke. Could it be the passengers of Flight 316, who think Locke is nuts for saying that he has been on the island and Ben killed him?

Widmore had a camera in Tunisia right where you end up when you turn the wheel. He had to find out this location after Ben turned the wheel, because the camera was not there at that point. It was interesting to find out that Abadon works for Widemore, and Abadon is a guy who gets people where they need to go. Somehow, Widmore knew flight 815 was going to crash and had Abadon become an orderly in the hospital in order to make sure Locke ended up on the island. Is Widmore good or evil? The show brings us back and forth constantly on who has the islands best interest, Widmore or Ben.

It would seem like Ben would know how to go back and forth from the island, hasn’t he done it multiple times before? I'm thinking that pushing the button in the hatch controlled the island from moving in time. The island was stuck in one place and Ben knew the exact coordinates to take boats and submarines back and forth. After the hatch imploded and the wheel was turned, there were completely new coordinates and Ben didn't know them. Ben had no idea how to get back to the island, until he heard it from Locke. Once he had the information he needed, he had no reason to keep Locke alive. Ben has tricked and held the island hostage this whole time. He had a power struggle with Widmore, won and exiled Charles back to the “real” world. Ben claimed he could hear Jacob (while running the island), but when Jacob tells Locke to help him, Ben gets jealous because he could never hear Jacob and attempts to kill Locke.

316 passengers crashed on the separate small “zoo” island that Jack, Kate and Sawyer were held captive in Season 3. Lapidus took a boat to go to the main island. They said he went with a woman, but who was the woman? At first thought, the only woman unaccounted for that was on the plane was Sun, but was Sun on the place when it crashed, or did she flash off like Jack, Kate, and Hurley? When Locke was talking to the girl (Ilana), they clearly were looking at the main island only about 1/2 mile away. A question I have is when are the 316ers? Are they in the 70’s along with everyone on the island before the crash and the 5 original cast members who were also on 815, or are they still in 2008? The only reason I think they are in 2008 is because there was a flash and Hurley, Jack, Sayid, Kate, and Sun vanished. Caeser mention he saw Hurley vanish. It is just like when the island was skipping or when the wheel is turned.


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hey great comments on lost, have you seen lefleur? it rocked!

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