Hollywood's Squares

Just in case you thought I was done winning you money because I had not posted in the past two days, I want to assure you that that is simply false. While I was seconds away from hitting the Send button to the creators of this blog last night with an email up reccommeding you take both the under of 2.5 and US to win the soccer game last night, I wussed out because I feared a 1-1 draw. No more wussing out for me. One play tonight:

Davidson -7 1st half

People who have bet on CBB all year know that Davidson's first half bets have been a gold mine all season. They get off to quick starts and then usually either build on their lead or keep it right around where it is at the half. The spread of this game in -12.5, and I expect that to be around what the lead is at the half.

6-2 on the year


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