Hollywood's Squares

8 Things We Learned This Weekend:

1. Lawrence Taylor signing on to be in the next Dancing with the Stars clearly shows that he has spent all of his money on coke and is now desperate.

2. Tool Academy is the most entertaining reality show since the last good Real World...the one with Brynn and Trishelle (who I once danced with at a night club.. I am Hollywood, after all).

3. Whiskey + Beer + Vodka + trying to make converstaions with girls you just met = not a good idea. Ok, thats what I learned this weekend, for everyone else, this has probably been common knowledge for years.

4. LeBron is still no Kobe. In a game in which he had to put his team on his back in order to win and make a statement, he couldn't do it. Sure the Cavs can roll 90% of the league, but when it comes down to the big games in the late rounds of the playoffs, they are still not complete enough of a team to beat the Lakers and Celtics of the NBA.

5. The Pro Bowl is one of the worst sporting events around nowadays, and there is nothing that the NFL can do to make it intriguing, so I cringe at the effort and money that they are putting into trying to do just that.

6. Roger Mason Jr is the most underrated player in the NBA

7. There are about 12 teams who could win the NCAA title this year.

8. My picks are awesome, and if you followed me the two days I have posted, your bookie right now would be more beat up than Rhianna.

Thats right, 2-0 Friday bringing my total to 6-1. Thats not even counting the 3-1 I went Sat and Sun but couldn't post on the site.

On to tonight, there will only be one pick: LA Clippers +1

Does anybody realize that the Clippers right now are actually not that bad. Yes, they are 12-39, but now they are healthy and look at this lineup:

Randolph, Thornton, Camby, Davis and superrookie Eric Gordon. I hate to admit this, but that is a playoff caliber starting 5. They have absolutely routed their last two opponents, both on the road, scoring 126 and 121 points against the Grizzlies and Hawks respectively. Now they are playing the super-mediocre Bobcats who are without Gerald Wallace. They are also flying home after a game vs Miami last night. Clipps win this game, and I have a feeling that they are going to be a team that I will be playing a lot for the next few weeks until people start to realize that they have some potential. Dunleavy's gotta go though, with a good GM this team could be a threat as soon as next year.


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