David Akers not an Eagle after this season?

David Akers will go down as one of the best kickers in Eagles history. He has been rock solid since joining the team in 2000. On numerous occasions he has won games for the Eagles, earning a reputation in the NFL as a clutch kicker. He made the Pro Bowl three times. All of these accolades are why he deserves not to be cut right now. Over the past 18 games he has been dreadful from 40+ yards. It is not like he has lost the power in his leg, as all of his kicks have the distance, he has simply lost his accuracy. Something is in David's head and if he does not turn it around by the end of the season, the Eagles and David have to part ways. We may end up regretting this as a team when another NFL team picks up Akers and he picks his career back up and plays another 6 season with successful numbers, but sometimes people need a change of scenery. Right now I do not trust Akers, and I doubt that any Eagles fan does. If the Eagles are in a close game in the 4th quarter, I will not believe that Akers will make a 45 yarder to win the game. This is a huge turn around from where Akers used to be, earning the nickname "Automatic" Akers. A big field goal 4-5 years ago, I would have bet my life on Akers coming through. The reason I am not calling for Akers to be cut right now, is that he has done so much for this team, he deserves the respect to let him try and turn it around. However, if this continues, it pains me to say, we should have a new kicker come the start of the 2009 season.


Mike said...

Of course Akers sucks, he had two key pieces of his FG unit taken away. Ever since the Eagles cut Koy and Bartum retired, it's been down hill for Akers. Bring back Mike Bartrum. 11 yrs, 11 receptions, 65 yards, 6 TDs and of course 2005 Pro Bowler. The best receptions/TD ratio ever. And the best TD/long snapper celebration ever. Now we have some gay magician doing the long snapping. Here is a trick for you Jon Dorenbos, have Akers make a kick over 50 yards.

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