Eagles Get Much Needed Win

The Eagles got back on the winning track by beating the San Francisco 49ers 40-26. The Eagles had to outscore the 49ers 23-0 in the 4th quarter to do so. The defense really stepped their game up in the 4th quarter and allowed the Eagles to get back into the game and pass the 49ers.

The Eagles started out well taking a 17-6 lead, and then it all started falling apart. The offense and defense struggled, and the 49ers took advantage, with the help of a blocked FG return for a TD, and took a 26-17 lead entering the 4th quarter. The Eagles then took over, aided by three turnovers by the Eagles defense. Quintin Mikell had an INT return, Trent Cole had a forced fumble, and then Juqua Parker sealed the deal late, returning an interception for a touchdown.

The Eagles didn't play great, but they got the win on the road, which at this point is all we can ask for. Correll Buckhalter filled in nicely for Brian Westbrook, just as he always does. McNabb played another solid game, and picked apart the 49ers defense. L.J. Smith continues to struggle on offense. He did have a short touchdown catch, however, he stopped running a crossing route on one play, which ended up with a McNabb interception. Smith also got blown up while trying to block, and missed another key block later in the game.

Bottom line, the Eagles got the win, and go into their bye week 3-3. The also gained a game on the Redskins and Cowboys, as both of those teams lost today. The Eagles have a bye next week, and then face the Falcons after the bye.

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