Phillies Come Home for Game 3

The Phillies will try to get some home cookin’ for Game 3 of the World Series, as they come back to the great city of Philadelphia for three straight games. The Phillies are three straight home wins shy of a World Series championship. Hopefully the Phillies will feel comfortable at home, and start smacking the ball around. We, as fans, need to be loud and into these games as well and provide our boys with some Brotherly Love…. all at the same time making the Rays very uncomfortable in Philly.

Three wins in a row might be asking too much, especially against a very good Rays team, but the Phillies need to win 2 out of 3 at home, which starts with a win in Game 3. Jamie Moyer takes the mound for the Phillies against Matt Garza for the Rays. It’s no secret Moyer has struggled in two starts this postseason, but he still is a wily veteran who has won big games as a member of the Phillies. It will be interesting to see what the umpire’s strike zone is for Moyer, as Moyer can hit the corners, which he doesn’t always get the calls on. The Phillies pitchers have been able to keep the power hitters on the Rays off-balance all series, and Moyer needs to continue to do just that.

I think the Phillies will benefit with coming home, and guys like Rollins, and Howard will feel more comfortable in their own ballpark with Phillies fans going crazy waving rally towels. The Phillies are getting runners on base. It isn’t as if the Phillies are not hitting in this series, they are getting many runners on base, and at some point, they will start knocking those runners in. This offense is too good to continue to struggle the way they have in the first two games.

The Phillies are used to winning games with their offense, however, the pitching has carried the Phillies through the first two games. Coming into this series, the Rays probably had a better starting pitching staff that went four deep, while the Phillies probably have the better offensive team. Well it is time for the Phillies to start proving that they are the better offensive team in their own ballpark.

The goal as the road team in a best of seven playoff series where the format is 2-3-2 is to win one of the first two games. The Phillies did that. The next goal is to win two out of three games at home, and then one out of the last two. The Phillies need to win Game 3 in order to put pressure on the Rays to win Game 4. The Rays are a good team, and the Phillies need to keep the lead in this series. That starts with a good performance by every player in Game 3.

Game 3 is Saturday night at 8:00 p.m. EDT, weather permitting. Moyer vs. Garza. Series tied 1-1.

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