Phillies Win Game 4

The Phillies won Game 4 of the World Series to come within one game of winning the World Series. The Phillies offense finally came alive, and allowed the Phillies to cruise to a 10-2 victory Sunday night. The Phillies are officially one win shy of a World Series championship, and bringing the first championship to Philadelphia since 1983.

Joe Blanton pitched another solid game as the Phillies starter in Game 4. Blanton ended up going 6 innings, and only allowing 2 earned runs, both on solo homers. Blanton did a good job keeping the Rays runners off base the whole game, and continued the trend of great pitching that the Phillies have brought to this World Series. The bullpen did their business as usual, with Durbin, Eyre, Madson, and Romero shutting down the Rays to close out the game.

The offense was the main story of this game, however. We have been saying it this whole series, just waiting for the Phillies bats to come alive, and win a game with a large run total. The Phillies did not disappoint tonight. Jimmy Rollins got the Phillies on track to start the game off for the 2nd straight game, with a double down the line. Rollins would end up scoring on a bases loaded walk by Pat Burrell. The Phillies were up 2-1 in the bottom of the 4th when Ryan Howard did what he does best.... he took what the pitcher gave him and went the other way and hit a 3-run home run. The Rays made it 5-2 in the 5th inning, however Joe Blanton would answer. Not on the mound as he was doing all night, but at the plate. Joe Blanton, who had two hits his entire career, hit a solo home run to left field. The Phillies still weren't done, and in the 8th inning, Werth and Howard both hit 2-run homers to get to the 10 run total.

The fans knew it, the coaches knew it, the players knew it. This Phillies team is too good offensively to struggle for an entire series. Game 4 was the game the Phillies broke out, putting up a double digit run total. The Phillies have been getting good pitching all series, and frankly, all playoffs, but the offense did their part tonight. We all know that hitting is contagious, and the offense needs to continue to hit well to win this series.

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