Eagles Fall Flat at Home Against 'Skins

The Eagles lost their 2nd straight game, this time a home game to a division opponent in the Redskins. The Eagles drop to 0-2 against the division, and 1-3 against the NFC, and currently sit in last place in the tough NFC East.

The Eagles took an early 14-0 lead marching down the field for a touchdown, and then DeSean Jackson taking a punt 68 yards for a touchdown. It was looking good at that point; however, from then on, the Eagles would be outscored 23-3 the rest of the game. The offense couldn't move the ball at all. McNabb looked average, the receivers dropped balls, and they couldn't run the ball at all. The Eagles continued to struggle in areas that everyone knows they need help in. Chris Cooley destroyed the Eagles, and caught big passes in big situations, as the Eagles have yet to shut down an opposing tight end all year. Cooley ended the game with 8 catches for 109 yards. The Eagles also had another goal line situation in the 4th quarter, in which they could not put the ball in the end zone. David Akers missed another field goal, making him 3-14 the past two seasons on field goals over 40 yards. Also, Andy Reid continues to have no clue at all. Ray Didinger, a person whose opinion everyone respects, said after the game on Eagles Postgame Live, that Andy Reid just doesn't get it. There were a few situations against the Bears last weekend when the Eagles should have challenged plays, but didn't. Well this game, on a Redskins 3rd quarter touchdown, the Eagles challenged the play, which turned out to not even be close. I'm not sure who the guy up in the booth is who signals down to the Eagles if they should challenge a play or not, but the guy should be fired.

The defense really struggled with the run, as Clinton Portis ran all over them. The Eagles have a weapon of their own at running back, who they never seem to use as much as they should. The defense couldn't get off the field when they needed to either. You can't make as many mistakes as the Eagles did, and expect to win a game against an NFC opponent. The Eagles loss drops them to 2-3 on the season.

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eleanor the dog said...

david akers has to go. i do not have confidence in him at all. if this team turns it around, we will need him to kick a 45+ yarder to win a game sometime. no way he makes it. also reid needs to stop calling the plays, give it back to marty. yesterday's game was hard to watch.