Phillies Travel to Milwaukee for Game 3

The Fightin’ Phillies look to sweep the Brewers in Game 3 of the NLDS, coming into the game with a 2-0 series lead. Jaime Moyer will take the mound game 3 for the Phillies, opposed by Dave Bush, a Philadelphia area native. Shane Victorino had the big hit in Game 2, but look for Chase Utley and Ryan Howard to have big games against the right-handed Bush. Both players are due for a big game. Shane Victorino will probably stay in the 2-hole in the lineup and Werth, who also had a very good Game 2, will continue to bat 6th.

The series is far from over, as the Brewers are very good in their home park, so look for them to come out and play a good game 3. It won’t be easy to keep the Brewers bats quiet for a 3rd game. If anybody is up to the task, it is definitely Moyer, who is the ultimate wily veteran, and doesn’t get rattled easily. Not to mention, he has been amazing all year, especially down the stretch in big games. Even if Moyer doesn’t have his usual great stuff, the Phillies offense should be able to get runs off of Bush. The Phillies have also had the luxury of not needing to score off the bad Brewers bullpen. If this game is close late, the Phillies have a great chance to win, with the superior ‘pen. Another key will be doing what the Phillies have done in Games 1, and 2; make the Brewers throw pitches. The Phillies have gotten the Brewers starting pitchers, Gallardo, and Sabathia both out of the game early, due to large pitch counts. The Phillies hitters need to stay patient, and stick to their game plan.

The Phillies have a 2-0 series lead, Game 3 is Saturday, 6:30 p.m. EDT.

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patrick said...

Hey nice blog...

I still think Milwaukee can come all the way back here. I am a Brewer fan of course, but it seems that the easiest things that went haywire for Milwaukee really cost them big time. Cameron dropping the flyball and CC walking Bret Myers. Those 2 plays cost us 2 games in my opinion.

It appears Hamels would pitch game 4 in Miller park if needed. That is not a good thing if you are a brewer fan.

Anyway, like the site...make sure to check mine out as well...