Eagles Management Thinks Fans Are Stupid

Yesterday, the day of the NFL trading deadline, the Eagles stood pat, as most teams did. The problem is that there was a pro-bowl tight end who wanted to be traded, and the Eagles roster may as well not even have a tight end, as it is currently made up. L.J. Smith is horrible, and not even worth playing anymore. The Eagles also watched as the hated Cowboys traded for Roy Williams. They gave up some draft picks, but they targeted a player they wanted, and went for him, no matter what it took, they were going to get him, because he is a player who definitely makes the Cowboys better on the field.

I take you back to preseason, and the Eagles annual “state of the team” address. At that point, Eagles owner, Jeffrey Lurie stated that this team can win a Super Bowl, and this year we would put the “pedal to the metal” to make that happen. Well I’m not surprised that the Eagles management feels that this team is good enough to win a Super Bowl, I mean this team is so good that we didn’t even need to pick in the 1st round the past two seasons. Anthony Spencer? Nahh, let’s trade the pick to Dallas, and let them have him. Felix Jones? Don’t think so, he can’t help us, I mean we only run the ball 10 times a game, what do we need a backup running back for. And what do we need a first round draft pick for anyways….. we were 8-8 last season. But that 8-8 is deceiving they will tell you, as we won the last 3 meaningless games of the season, so things are looking promising.

Aside from the draft blunders, the Eagles signed Asante Samuel, and in the process made their own pro-bowl cornerback Lito Sheppard upset. That’s alright though, we have 2 first round picks next season, and Lito to dangle as trade bait. The Eagles, we thought, would definitely make a trade to acquire a much needed wide receiver. Larry Fitzgerald? Roy Williams? Even Randy Moss? Supposedly the Eagles inquired about all three elite receivers, but couldn’t get any of them. Of course, the Eagles draft picks are so incredibly important, we can’t possibly think of trading a draft pick. Those 2nd and 3rd round picks are reserved for picking players like Matt McCoy, and Tony Hunt, and the Division III player of the year who recorded 20 sacks playing against high school caliber teams.

Let’s go back to 2004-2005. Andy Reid had been the coach for about 5-6 seasons then, and was extremely successful. He dominated the NFC East when the NFC East was horrible. The Eagles never could get over the hump to the Super Bowl, but there was no arguing that the Eagles and Reid were doing their best to get us there. After the 2004 season, it was clear the Eagles needed a proven #1 receiver, and an elite defensive player. So, what did they do? The Eagles went out and got T.O. and Jevon Kearse, exactly what they needed to do. Both players helped the team greatly, and got the Eagles to the Super Bowl. We all know how that worked out, and ultimately, we all know now that Kearse, and T.O. are no longer with this team.

Fast forward to the present day, and the Eagles management is becoming a joke. From Lurie, to Reid, to Banner, and even Heckert, these guys just don’t seem to get it anymore. Reid continues to be arrogant coaching this team, and believes that his system will ultimately prevail. The Eagles don’t draft well, don’t like to pay players, and don’t value certain positions. However they still feel as if they are the gold standard, because they are always well under the cap and in good financial situation. The truth is, the Eagles are 28-28 since the Super Bowl, including the playoffs, all while seeing the Giants, Redskins, and Cowboys all make the playoffs in 2007-2008.

While other teams “go for it” and take gambles and sign big name players, the Eagles haven’t seriously contended since they went to the Super Bowl. Funny around that time also, the rest of the NFC East caught up to them. Reid has never adjusted.

So I guess we should be happy while we watch the other teams in our conference and our division win Super Bowls, but don’t worry….. we are $19.2 million under the cap.


Kosmo said...
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Josh said...
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Josh said...

Eagles fans may hate the Cowboys, but they have to respect that the Dallas Cowboys franchise does not hide the fact that winning is Priority #1.

Jerry Jones and the Cowboys have made more trades than ANY other NFL team since taking in 1989. He's gone after the big names since the beginning, signing Charles Haley and Deion Sanders as well as the more recent gambles of Terrell Owens, Tank Johnson and Pacman Jones. Of those five, one missed. Sure there have been plenty of goofs that Jerry has made (not being able to work things out with Jimmy Johnson, the Dave Campo era in general, the Joey Galloway trade), but he's done each one with the undying optimism that the end result will be another Cowboys Super Bowl title.

So Eagles fans, you may hate the Cowboys, but even on our worst day when we have our embattled cornerback suspended (probably for the rest of the season), Jerry Jones still manages to give Cowboys fans hope with the trade for Roy Williams.

And now for those four words that you love to hate:

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