Re: Eagles Management thinks fans are stupid

I disagree with almost everything you wrote. First, most fans are stupid. If the fans ran the team the Eagles would have held on to Bobby Taylor, Troy Vincent, Hugh Douglas and Duce Staley, who all fell of the globe after they left the Eagles. They would have drafted Ricky Williams and A.J. Feeley and Jeff Garcia would be competing for QB. Going after a big WR other than Randy Moss or your boy Fitzgerald is dumb. If the Eagles aren't going out and getting an "Elite" WR it's not worth it. They have good, not great, other WRs. Roy Williams isn't an elite WR, and he never was. He has potential but so did Troy Williamson. I think Lurie thinks the team can win because after the Giants won last year, any team can win. You just have to get hot late. And that's exactly what the Eagles did last year, too little too late. I don't know if anything more over blown then them not drafting a 1st round pick in the past 2 drafts. The team likes players and know what their draft value is. If they trade down, get picks and still get the player shouldn't that be a plus. They wanted Brandan Merriweather in 2007, the Patriots took him with the pick before the Eagles so the Eagles traded down. Last year again Safety is what they were looking for. Nothing was there by the time they were picking so they traded down and got a 1st next year. Would you have preferred they took both a QB from Houston that you never heard of in the 1st round? The trade to the Cowboys looks bad because it's to the overrated ass holes in Dallas but what has Spencer done? 36 tackles and 3 sacks, WOW they let a big one get away. The signing of Samuel was odd. But he is a play maker who actually stays on the feild so that is an upgrade over Lito. The Eagles were terrible last year in getting turnovers and he will definitely help. But what did you want the Eagles to do trade Lito first then hope to sign Asante? You are quick to point out the failures in draft picks but don't mention the surprising emergence of DeSean Jackson (2nd round), Starting LB Stewart Bradley (3rd), the should be starting for worthless LJ Smith, TE Brent Celek (5th), the stud in Brodrick Bunkley (1st), Omar Gaither (5th), Todd Herremans (4th), Trent Cole (5th), and the biggest steal Brian Westbrook (3rd). Yeah they had bust with McCoy (2nd) and McDougle (1st), but that is no more than any other team in the league. And the good out weigh the bad. They tend to take the risk on paying players when they are young and taking chances that way. Which is smart for cap management. If they wait too long to pay the players the have the salary cap handcuff them for future moves. Andrews, Patterson, Reggie Brown, Sheldon Brown and Lito Sheppard all got large extensions within their 2nd season. The Eagles also spent money in the past on free agents like John Runyan, Darren Howard, Kevin Curtis and Asante Samuel. So I don't really think they are cheap, just careful with their money. When was the last team to build a champion by signing free agents. 28-28 is a bit deceiving. 15 games without McNabb since then. Just look at the Patriots to see how important the starting QB is. The thing about "going for it", is when you miss you miss big and it hurts the team for years. Look at Niners, Vikings and Cardinals. These teams either traded for or went out signing free agents over the past couple years and it got them no playoff appearances, with a higher payroll. Since the Eagles made it to the Super Bowl there was a shit load of NFC/NFC East teams just going to the Super Bowl. Oh wait just one, the Giants. Before that the AFC won 4 straight, including in 2004. So this magical idea that our conference/division winning Super Bowls is just completely wrong. The only thing I do agree with is LJ is worthless


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