Machine's Healthy Living Tip of the Week

To make your next road-race your best, why not mix-up your training. While doing tempo runs, repeats at the track, and longer runs can definitely give your training a boost, trail running is where it's at! The rugged terrain not only challenges your cardiovascular endurance, but also provides you with a killer leg and core workout. Your strength, balance, and agility will be tested all at once, while your lungs will be pushed to the limit as you contend with outrageous inclines that seem interminable, and breakneck descents that leave you wondering whether going down is actually any better than the ascent!
However, when you line-up at the starting line next to your road-running buddies, you will have the definite edge...in fact, the starting line, quite likely, will be the last time you see them, as all that time spent running through the woods will make you untouchable...you will leave your competition huffing and puffing in the dust!


Anonymous said...

Great tip! Thanks Machine!

Anonymous said...

one time a shark bit machine........ the shark died