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THUMBS UP to Michael Strahan. The former Giant joined an already crowded desk on FOX pre-game show this season. And the gap toothed sack master has fit in quite nicely. He has the natural feel like he’s been doing it for years. That’s a lot more than can said for Tiki Barber. And special props to Strahan for predicting that Giants WR Domenek Hixon would score a touchdown. Less than 4 minutes into the game, Hixon had his 6 points.

THUMBS DOWN to Kimbo Slice. The street fighting internet sensation took it on the chin on Saturday night…or more appropriately, the eye. The headliner for CBS’ EliteXC lasted only 14 seconds against a fill-in opponent with pink hair. Slice never even threw a punch. Kimbo’s fighting career may have also been KO’d in the process.

NO THUMBS for the TBS broadcast trio who called the Phillies-Brewers series. Brian Anderson, a Brewers announcer during the regular season, teamed with TBS regular Joe Simpson and Braves closer John Smoltz. The three didn’t leave a lasting impression, but then again, the series itself wasn’t exactly edge-of-your-seat material.

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Anonymous said...

I'm shocked that there has been a discussion about Michael Strahan and his sexuality was not even mentioned! What's next, Eli Manning is a solid NFL QB.