Eagles - Redskins Preview

The Eagles need to bounce back after a disappointing loss last week against the Chicago Bears. The Washington Redskins are riding high from an upset victory in Dallas last weekend. The Eagles should be able to defeat the Redskins if Westbrook is able to go in this game. The Eagles offense has not been as effective since Westbrook left the game against the Steelers with an injury. Obviously any time you lose your pro-bowl running back, the offense is going to struggle, however, Andy Reid needs to trust in the running game to control the ball and the clock.

The Eagles offense will need to show some consistency in their play, and the play-calling will have to be consistent as well, especially if Westbrook is unable to go. It would be nice to see a tight end actually show up for this game. I am excited to hear what L.J. Smith's excuse will be for this one. Reggie Brown should get in on some more action, and will look to grow on his solid performance against the Chicago Bears. A mistake-free game from DeSean Jackson will also help on offense. Shawn Andrews at this point is also an injury concern, and a guy that the Eagles hope to have back on the field. The Eagles clearly missed Andrews at guard last week on their infamous goal line blunder. Any way you look at it, if Brian Westbrook is not able to go, everyone on offense will need to step their game up if the Eagles want to win.

The Eagles defense will need to continue to dominate if the Eagles want to win this game. Jason Campbell has looked good this early season, especially when he has time to throw the ball. The Eagles defensive line and linebackers will need to stop the Redskins running game, just as they have so far in the early season. A big test for the defense will be to see if they can stop the Redskins pro-bowl tight end Chris Cooley. The Eagles have shown that they can be beat by the opposing teams tight end so far this season. Also, the Redskins have a couple small, quick, athletic wide receivers in Santana Moss, and Antwaan Randle El, which the Eagles secondary will have to adequately defend.

The Eagles return home to Lincoln Financial Field, and the crown should be fired up while they take on a division rival in the Washington Redskins.


Anonymous said...

Let's Go Eagles.

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