The Phillies beat the Dodgers on a cold Los Angeles night Monday, to push the Dodgers to the brink of playoff elimination, and move us closer to the World Series.

Sorry MLB, and sorry Fox, our Phillies are not cooperating with your obvious hopes of the Dodgers getting to the World Series. When the Phillies tied the game and then took the lead in the 8th inning, Joe Buck, and Tim McCarver sounded like they were going to cry.

The Phillies and Dodgers had played 11 times so far this season, and the home team was 11-0….. and then came Game 12. The Phillies looked good coming out of the gates going up 2-0 in the 1st inning off of Derek Lowe, pitching on three days rest. The Dodgers eventually took a 3-2 lead, and then when the Phillies tied it at 3, the Dodgers took the lead again, this time at 5-3. Then came the 8th inning.

Ryan Howard led off with a single off of Dodgers reliever Kuo, who was throwing nasty stuff. This led to the Dodgers bringing in another relief pitcher, who faced Shane Victorino. Victorino hit a line drive to right field, which just cleared the fence into the Phillies bullpen to tie the game at 5. After an out, and a Carlos Ruiz single, 40-year old pinch hitter Matt Stairs came into the game to hit. The Dodgers made another pitching change and brought in their closer, Broxton. Broxton hadn’t allowed a home run in Dodger stadium since 2006. After working a 3-1 count, Matt Stairs destroyed the ball deep into the right field seats. This ball would have been in the upper deck at Citizens Bank Park. Brad “Lights Out” Lidge came in the game in the 8th inning, the first time he has done so this season, and recorded a 4 out save.

The Dodgers have spent more time this series complaining about balls and strikes, and inside pitches from the Phillies than they have worrying about actually winning the games. Led by Russell Martin, the biggest baby on the team, the Dodgers think the Phillies are throwing at them when they throw on the inside corner of the plate. Also, every single ball that is close and could go either way, if called a strike, the Dodgers seem to get very flustered by that, and worry about complaining about a pitch more than they worry about an at-bat.

All that talk about after Game 3, now the Phillies got the Dodgers fired up, and that’s not what we want. Give me a freakin break. The Dodgers are punks. How about you don’t want to make the Phillies and Shane Victorino mad. After Victorino’s homer, he should have rounded the bases with both middle fingers up in the air to the fair weather L.A. fans.

This really has all the makings of a team that is coming together at the right time, and has what it takes to win the whole thing. They are a fun team to watch, and they all really seem to care about each other and have each others backs. That starts with Charlie Manuel, who all the players greatly respect. A great team gets contributions from every player on their team at this time of the year, and every player on the Phillies has stepped up. It doesn’t matter if one of our all-stars gets the game winning hit, or the last player down on the bench. This Phillies team just keeps finding ways to win. The Phillies are 1 win away from the World Series, and can secure a berth in the World Series by beating the Dodgers in Game 5.

The Phillies need to show that fighter mentality in Game 5, by not allowing the Dodgers to even think that they are back in this series at all. It sets up well as we have our ace, Cole Hamels set to close out the series in Game 5.

Game 5 is Wendesday night, 8:22 EDT, Hamels vs. Billingsley. Phillies lead the series 3 games to 1.

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