Top 10 Chump Athletes in Philadelphia the Past 20 Years

In the great sports city that is Philadelphia, we have seen our share of beloved athletes, who would do anything to win a game. Unfortunately, we have also seen our fair share of chumps, who just flat out do not understand the attitude, and courage it takes to play in a city like Philadelphia. Some athletes just dont get "it." What is this "it" we mention? If you need to ask, you probably aren't a Philadelphia sports fan. So without further ado, here is a list of the Top 10 Chump Athletes who have played for Philadelphia in the past 20 years.

1. Mitch Williams - From '93 World Series, to run out of town, to back in town joking about the '93 World Series. Let's run him out again.

2. Terrell Owens - Where to start? Throwing teammates and coaches under the bus, situps in the driveway, complaining about making $49 million. O.D., O.D., O.D.!!!!!!

3. Eric Lindros - Set the record for a hockey player for most times on the injury report. If it wasn't a concussion, it was a hang nail, or something else.

4. Billy Wagner - Used to bash the fans even when we would cheer for him like crazy. Just shut up and play.

5. Scott Rolen - The definition of soft, we used to always say he should be playing in a sports-city like St. Louis, and ironically that's exactly what happened.

6. Curt Schilling - Never met a microphone he didn't like. Never got along with his teammates or media members, and blamed everybody else. Big time phony.

7. J.D. Drew - Refused to play for Philadelphia after being drafted #2 overall. We would have run him out of town in a year or so anyways. Also, ironically played for St. Louis.

8. Chris Webber - Was supposed to give Iverson a 2nd option. Could barely even run down court, not to mention jump. Couldn't even do us the pleasure of acting like he was trying.

9. Shawn Bradley - Once said, "The problem with Philadelphia fans is that they want you to play every game like it's your last one." What an idiot.

10. Adam Eaton - Rarely makes it out of the 3rd inning, one of the highest paid players on the Phillies still blames his struggles on everything but himself.


Anonymous said...

Scott Rolen soft? Please. He had a team physician in St. Louis who mangled his first shoulder surgery and finally had to go outside the organization, to Dr. Kremchek, in Cincy, who has been trying to make up for the debacle ever since. Funny when you ask former coaches, managers and very very large percentages of players who have played with Scott over the years. To a man they say noone is tougher, plays harder and gives you everything he has. Just because he decided to stand up to Larry Bowa and his childish behavior doesn't make him a bad guy. Bowa wanted Rolen to be the "Rah Rah" type player and that isn't Scott. Rolen called out the organization, and in particular Mr. Wade, when they lied to the faces of the players in the middle-late 90's, claiming they would start spending money. For Christ sakes....Rolen signed a 5 year contract under the assumption the Phillies had a nucleus to build upon and they needed the front office to fill in the gaps. Years later when it was apparent that would not happen Rolen called them on the carpet and all heck broke loose. I'm not saying Scott was an angel but I don't blame him for what he did. If the fans don't understand it it is their own fault. I read just about every article ever written about the guy. Keep trying to keep up your reputation as fans, what reputation you do have. Cause you have to admit....at one point Scott was the darling of most Philly fans and unfortunately, things didn't work out as far as the General Manger going back on his word. I signed with the Phillies in 1986, out of H.S. but had to leave for what turned out to be a long term neurological medical condition, suffered at Extended Spring Training, 1986, from Sarasota Florida, at the Kansas City camp. That I still am being treated for today. But I'll be fine. I still root for the Phillies each and every day from here in Chicago. But being aware of much of what went on behind the scenes, for one, I will never turn on Scott. He is probably the best defensive 3B in the history of baseball, unfortunately, his career will be greatly affected by a freak shoulder injury. To which was made much worse by the incompetentcy of the Cardinals and their medical staff. Yes, Tony LaRussa was made the scapegoat by the Cards management and attempted to smear Scott for simply going outside the organization for a 2nd opinion. Another guy who needs his head examined. Anyways, good luck Philly, but come on......it is much too simple to be naive and want to bash Scott for what essentially went on around him. It's getting very old and by now peoples anger, for the time Scott left should be directed correctly at who was responsible. Ed Wade and Larry Bowa. Scott just had the kahunas to call the people out responsible. Unlike kiss arses like Bobby Abreu, who was concerned solely about his paycheck. Just one point of view from a long time Philly fan in the Midwest. Good luck.

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